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Naked With Cash is an ongoing series at Consumerism Commentary in which readers share their households’ finances with other readers. These participants benefit from the accountability that comes from tracking their finances publicly and the feedback of the four expert Certified Financial Planners (CFPs).

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This year, we have four participants who will share their financial reports, exposing the results of their financial choices. Each participant is paired with one of our Certified Financial Planners. The experts will provide insight and guidance that will help our participants take their finances to the next level by the end of 2014. Learn about this year’s participants and experts.

Laura recently received a raise, the combined household income for Laura and Leon is more than $125,000 a year. They want to tackle their student debt, and perhaps start a family soon. They hope to pay better attention to their finances in order get on track for a comfortable retirement, and to ensure that they are in a good position when they decide to have children. (Read last month’s update.)

After reading Laura and Leon’s comments, you can read commentary from Roger Wohlner, CFP. Roger Wohlner appears courtesy of The Chicago Financial Planner. This month, there is a focus on changes to income.

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As more consumers in the United States are jumping on the smartphone and tablet bandwagon — personally, I contribute to this mess with one of the latest phones with Android software as well as a first-generation iPad — there’s less room in the limited airwaves for customers’ needs to access the internet and occasionally make telephone calls over mobile networks. Mobile carriers are doing what they can to preserve what remains of the spectrum, usually by increasing prices or limiting bandwidth.

The idea behind the peak oil movement is that in the future — and sometime soon — the world will not be able to efficiently produce as much oil as the citizens of the world need to consume, and due to the imbalance between supply and demand, prices for oil (and thus everything else that relies on oil) will skyrocket. Peak oil has been proven difficult to predict.

TabletUnlike peak oil, wireless carriers know how much spectrum they have left before they can’t support any additional traffic over the air. The situation is similar to real estate. There’s only so much available land for construction, and as the available land in any area with adequate demand is sold, the pressure of the lack of supply drives prices up. Dish Network, for example, has a significant amount of unused spectrum, and it would like to sell what it isn’t using to a wireless provider that desperately needs the spectrum to satisfy its customers.

As companies need to devote more of their resources towards increasing spectrum — whether through consolidation attempts in the industry like AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile — or through buying spectrum from other owners at a high price — and as companies use pricing to limit customers’ use of the spectrum, the cost for a family or an individual to receive the same level of service is going to increase.

Save money on your cell phone bills

You can keep your cell phone bills in check:

  • Use a service like Validas to make sure you’re paying for the best mobile plan for you.
  • Compare prices across carriers. Don’t just consider the mainstream plans with the major carriers; pre-paid mobile phone plans could cost less.
  • Consider skipping internet-enabled devices. If all you need to do is talk, you can save yourself the expense of the latest high-tech phones and stay on a less expensive voice plan.
  • If you have other telecommunication services, like cable television and home phone, consider bundling these services to save money.
  • Call and ask for a discount. Sometimes, you can get a price break just by asking. Don’t threaten to leave, though, unless you’re willing to live up to that promise.

I’m currently paying over $100 per month for my mobile phone service with Verizon Wireless, which includes my phone with 4G smartphone service as well as a 3G service for my iPad through a separate device. How much do you pay for your mobile phone service? Are you prepared for this cost to increase in the next year or two as companies fight over remaining broadband spectrum?

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It wouldn’t be a weekday in May without another giveaway. This month is Giveaway May at Consumerism Commentary. Each day, I’ll have some to reward readers valued $50 or more. Today’s a good day for the winner; thanks to a partnership with personal finance blog Beating Broke, I am able to offer Amazon.com’s reading device, the Kindle. This is the ad-free Wi-Fi only version.

Beating Broke is a website about becoming debt free. Avoiding unnecessary debt — and changing life to make debt unnecessary — is key to securing a financial future. Being in debt means the money you earn belongs to someone else. For some, the comparison between debt and slavery is easy to make.

Amazon KindleIf you’re interested in winning a Kindle, you’ll need to complete the following tasks by 11:59 PM Eastern Time, May 20, 2011. Late entries will not be accepted.

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If you win, you’ll need to meet all the conditions outlined in the Giveaway May introduction. Good luck!


All this month is Giveaway May at Consumerism Commentary. Every day, I’ll be choosing one winner randomly for a prize. Each day there is a small challenge in order to qualify for the giveaway, and today is no exception.

Today I have a Kindle With Wi-Fi from Amazon.com to give away. This is the version that does not contain ads or sponsored messages for the screensaver. It is ad-free, and you can use the device to read a large library of books. You can even read Consumerism Commentary on your Kindle, and a wide variety of other blogs and news websites is available.

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Today’s deadline is extended to midnight Eastern Time. In order to win, your comment and any other actions must be received or accomplished before the deadline.

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