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Thinking About Moving Savings From ING Direct to HSBC Direct?

by Luke Landes

ING Direct has served me well for a long time. For a few years, their interest rates were the highest available, and their sign-up and referral bonuses simply added to the gains. I used all available referral bonuses in 2005, so I no longer have these to distribute. Also, their interest rates have been sagging ... Continue reading this article…

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This Week in Blogs

by Luke Landes

Here are some interesting posts from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond: Blueprint for Financial Prosperity looks at using a Roth IRA as an emergency fund. Note that if you withdraw any part of your contribution, you can re-contribute that portion later on in the year. Mighty Bargain Hunter opened a savings account at ING Direct. Five ... Continue reading this article…

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Blame It On Japan

by Luke Landes

Remember when everyone was freaking out about the huge sell-off in the stock market in the last couple of weeks or so? Well, it’s the Bank of Japan’s fault.

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Americans Are NOT In Bad Shape With Credit, Sort Of

by Luke Landes

I like Liz Pulliam Weston’s latest article, The Truth About Credit Card Debt because she cites some statistics that fly in the face of conventional thought regarding credit behavior of Americans. We’ve all heard this before: Americans are in an unparalleled level of revolving credit card debt. The average American household carries more than $9,000 ... Continue reading this article…

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Spend More With Cash or Plastic?

by Luke Landes

Liz Pulliam Weston is suggesting using cash rather than plastic because of an inclination to overspend. I’m a big fan of credit cards. Most offer fraud protection and online reconciliations so I always know exactly what I am spending. When I pay the balance off at the end of the month, it’s also nice to ... Continue reading this article…

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A Look at The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner by David Bach

by Luke Landes

A while ago, I received an advance copy of The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner by David Bach. This was the first book by Bach that I’ve read, and I’ll share my opinion now.

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5% APY on 12-Month CDs!

by Luke Landes

If that title gets you excited, you’ll be happy to know that more and more banks are offering 5 percent interest yield (or higher) on certificates of deposit (CD). CDs are a little less liquid than a straight savings account, which means there may be a penalty if you withdraw your money before that 12 month ... Continue reading this article…

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What To Do When Your Bank Is Merging

by Luke Landes

Marketwatch has published an interesting article with advice for customers whose banks are going through a merger. I’m no stranger to this phenomenon. When I was 16, I had my first bank account with New Jersey National Bank. It was sooner or later bought by or merged with CoreStates (Dec. 6, 1996), then First Union ... Continue reading this article…

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