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Weekly Blog Roundup, Mother’s Day Edition

by Luke Landes

Here are some of the more interesting articles I’ve encountered from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond over the past week or so. It was difficult to pick out articles that are not some sort of top five list this week. If you’re a blogger with something you’d like included next week in a similar roundup, send ... Continue reading this article…

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ING Direct Closed Customer’s Account Due to Bad Credit

by Luke Landes

Is it discrimination to cancel a customer’s checking account for their bad credit? ING Direct has done so to Nick, who emailed me (and Consumerist) a complaint forwarded to the ING Direct ombudsman. ING Direct has closed his Electric Orange account, a checking account that earns 0.20 percent – 1.10 percent APY currently. Evidently, ING Direct performs ... Continue reading this article…

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Ten Questions to Ask Before Getting Hitched

by Luke Landes

Perhaps she calls you “her sweeitie” and you call her “lover.” Maybe you don’t have cutesy names for each other, but if you’re planning to get married, hopefully you know each other very well. This encompasses a little more than favorite restaurants, medical allergies, and middle names. There should be some serious discussions about life ... Continue reading this article…

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The Carnival is Up!

by Luke Landes

Golbguru from Money, Matter and More Musings hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance earlier today, or technically yesterday. There were a number of very good articles included, so take a look if you have a chance. Here are a few in addition to those Golbguru has chosen to feature. * Using My Emergency Fund To ... Continue reading this article…

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Renting Makes You Richer

by Luke Landes

Over the weekend, Moom left a comment on 7 Ways to Kill Your Net Worth after observing a number of mainstream media articles touting the idea that real estate — your own home — is not a good investment. Interesting how now that the housing market is stagnating or going down in many regions there ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekly Blog Roundup, Sealant Edition

by Luke Landes

Here are some interesting articles from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond this past week. Replacing a Lost Social Security Card. I’ve done this once in my lifetime so far, and according to Jim, I have nine more allowed replacement requests until I die. This isn’t really personal-finance related, but Nickel is celebrating his two year anniversary ... Continue reading this article…

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How Much is Your Mom Worth?

by Luke Landes

Mother’s Day is approaching, which means you’re going to start hearing about a certain survey in noth the traditional and the “alternative” media. The paycheck comparison website, Salary.com, creates a questionnaire each year to determine the value of the work a mother does for her family. By determining the ten most popular “jobs” a mom ... Continue reading this article…

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This Week in the Archives: Sleeping, Paris Hilton, and Apartment Hunting

by Luke Landes

My friend Nickel is celebrating the second anniversary of his blog, FiveCentNickel. Did you know that Consumerism Commentary has been around since July 2003? I’m looking forward to my fourth anniversary. In the mean time, here are some articles from this week in some of those prior years. From May 1-7, 2006: * May 2: ... Continue reading this article…

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