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NetFlix: It Might Be Time to Dump It

by Luke Landes

When I ditched expensive digital cable television and reverted to $16/month basic cable with less than 30 channels (many of which do not broadcast in English), I decided to sign up for NetFlix. The theory was the mail-order DVDs would fill in the entertainment void due to the lack of Comedy Central, Cartoon Network‘s Adult ... Continue reading this article…

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No More Promotional Price for Comcast High-Speed Internet

by Luke Landes

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned I had been getting 12 Mbps cable internet for $29.99 a month. Download speeds average between 10 and 12 Mbps. The promotion has elapsed and I’m now being charged $52.95, the normal price for the “ultra-fast” 8 Mbps connection. Lately, I’ve been feeling the pain of my ... Continue reading this article…

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Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford

by Luke Landes

That’s the advice of the decade, isn’t it? Well, it’s also a pretty funny Saturday Night Live skit with Steve Martin. The skit’s a parody of those book infomercials for financial products we see all the time. Looking a little deeper, it’s also a slight commentary on the marketing of common sense. Well, I saw ... Continue reading this article…

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Cable Channels a la Carte

by Luke Landes

The FCC now believes that consumers can save money by picking and choosing which cable channels they’d like to receive, with each channel priced separately. Would this new pricing plan change your viewing habits? I’m paying $14 per month for the most basic cable television service at the moment. I’d like to add a few ... Continue reading this article…

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