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Carnival of Personal Finance #8

by Luke Landes

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance (basic introduction, schedule) and welcome to Consumerism Commentary (about, best of) to any new readers! This is the eighth installment of the Carnival. In this issue: Designer Pets. Free Money Finance discovers the latest craze for dog owners, crossing poodles with other breeds, giving us wonderful breednames ... Continue reading this article…

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Money Clubs?

by Luke Landes

Marshall Loeb mentions the popularity of money clubs, akin to the investment clubs of the 1990s. Much like other sorts of support groups, money clubs offer the unique opportunity of belonging to a group of people with similar desires, who can encourage, inform and brow-beat you as needed. (This sounds very much like the community ... Continue reading this article…

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Affluent Shop at Discount Stores

by Luke Landes

According to a new survey commissioned by Visa, high income earners, those with a household income of more than $125,000, are more likely to clip coupons and shop at discount stores than the general population. Also, ninety percent of those households think of themselves as middle-class or upper-middle-class rather than affluent. If being in the ... Continue reading this article…

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