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Chase TravelPlus Visa Card: 0% APR for 12 Months

by Luke Landes

I’ve updated several recent credit card articles to include information on the Chase TravelPlus Visa Card.

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Online Banking is Safe

by Luke Landes

I know people who are still nervous about online banking, particularly with banks that have no major offline presence. Part of me wants them to embrace the future in which we live and get with the times. However, I understand it’s a slow and cautious process for many people, especially when there’s a level of ... Continue reading this article…

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Early Morning Roundup: Teaching Excel Edition

by Luke Landes

I spent most of yesterday designing a several hour overview for people fairly new to Microsoft Excel, which I will be presenting today. I haven’t decided whether this is something I’m looking forward to. Here are a few articles I noticed recently. No Credit Needed explained why he created his blog. He was in debt ... Continue reading this article…

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PriceProtectr Just Saved My Girlfriend $100

by Luke Landes

Unfortunately, I forgot to mention PriceProtectr during my recent Wall Street Journal interview, but I can’t praise this free service enough. This website keeps a private database of your purchases, in store or online, and monitors the price of the items. Many stores offer a price match policy, in which the customer would be entitled ... Continue reading this article…

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Holiday Gift Guide, Part 4: Frugal Homemade Gifts

by Sasha

Homemade gifts can be so much more than the sum of their parts, which makes them a great frugal gift option. They are redolent of effort, of “I thought of you all year and worked on this for you” versus “I realized I needed a gift for you ten minutes ago and picked this up ... Continue reading this article…

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Holiday Gift Guide, Part 3: More Clutter-Free Consumable Gifts

by Sasha

I got a little carried away with consumable gifts in the food and drink category in my last entry, but that’s to be expected. This time around, my favorite ideas for non-edible consumable gifts: * Soap and Bath Products – They make a great gift basket, but are easily used up, so they don’t contribute ... Continue reading this article…

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What’s in the Candidates’ Wallets?

by Luke Landes

Money Magazine has an eye-opening look inside the personal financial reports of the leading presidential candidates, including asset allocations and income sources. The article points out anything out of the ordinary with the candidates’ holdings and even offers money management suggestions from a financial adviser. Hillary Clinton. Net worth: $34.9 million. 2006 income: $12.1 million. ... Continue reading this article…

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This Month in the Archives: Whining, CFO of Your Own Life, and Flex Accounts

by Luke Landes

New to Consumerism Commentary? Make up for lost time by taking a look through articles posted here in prior years. From the first half of December 2006: * Sometimes Financial Decisions Must Consider More Than Just Money * Whining About the Lack of Interest in Their House? * Baby Boomers Plan to Work in Retirement ... Continue reading this article…

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