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The Ultimate Shopper’s Guide, Part 3: Music Downloads and Player

by Luke Landes

My friends swear by their iPods. I’m not exaggerating when I say that everyone has one. I don’t. I’d like a portable music player, but I’m not quite sure when I’d listen, anyway. My car radio and compact discs suit me fine for now. However, if someone offered me a way to carry around a ... Continue reading this article…

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The Age of Credit

by Luke Landes

I’ve been talking with J.D. of Get Rich Slowly about the rise of (the social acceptance of) personal debt in the twentieth century, which was somewhat spurred on by my MoneyBloggerPodcast interview. J.D. has included a passage from a book, Ain’t We Got Fun, in his recent post, The Dawn of the Age of Credit. ... Continue reading this article…

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The Ultimate Shopper’s Guide, Part 1: Cell Phones

by Luke Landes

Money Magazine is running a feature that provides tips for getting the best deal for several specific purchases. As I’m I planning to put down some cash for a new notebook computer, I first took a look at Money’s focus on tech within the series. They didn’t address computers, but I loved their advice on ... Continue reading this article…

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Future Spending, Two Big Items, Part 1: New Computer

by Luke Landes

I own a Fujitsu C-6631 Lifebook notebook computer, which I purchased in 2001. At that time, my living situation was in a state of flux and I was working at a non-profit organization, spending more money on my commute than I was making. It was bad news all around. To bring in extra money, I ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekly Blog Round-Up

by Luke Landes

Here’s what you may have read from the members of the MoneyBlogNetwork (and beyond) this week: Five Cent Nickel shared his first impressions of Craigslist. He found it to be full of scammers. Free Money Finance has a list of 8 places to live less expensive than the major cities but seem to be “nice” ... Continue reading this article…

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0% Balance Transfer: You May Be a Terrorist

by Luke Landes

If you deviate from your banking habits by initiating a transaction more than $5,000, your bank will help the government spy on you. The federal government wants to catch terrorists and money launderers, and banks are required to assist. Since 1996, banks have been required to file a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) whenever they detect ... Continue reading this article…

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The End of Credit Card Rewards?

by Luke Landes

An article on CNN Money seems to imply that Credit Card rewards programs will be decreasing. I mentioned at the beginning of the month that American Express would be changing their reward program. This may be a sign of things to come; it’s possible that more card companies will follow suit. Today’s article says programs ... Continue reading this article…

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American Express Raising Fees and Changing Their Rewards Program

by Luke Landes

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, the information in this article is no longer current and the offers mentioned have expired and are no longer available. The annual fee for holding certain American Express cards is going to increase by $35 to $125, while other card holders might see fees decline. Are these fees ... Continue reading this article…

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