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Balance Sheet, January 2006

by Luke Landes

We’re already one month into the new year. Time does fly by quickly. If you continue reading this entry, you’ll see my latest account balances followed by some explanations.

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Citibank Check Received

by Luke Landes

A few weeks ago, I requested a check from Citibank to cash in my “rewards” from the Citibank Divident Platinum Select card. The extra $100+ will help pay for January’s unexpected expenses. I have to say I much prefer the idea of the credit card companies sending me money rather than me sending my money ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Debt Reduction

by Luke Landes

Welcome to Consumerism Commentary for the 20th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction! If you are new to this blog, take a look around. You may want to find out more about me or browse through a categorical “Best of 2005.” The Carnival of Debt Reduction is a living document that travels from week ... Continue reading this article…

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What To Do When Your Bank Is Merging

by Luke Landes

Marketwatch has published an interesting article with advice for customers whose banks are going through a merger. I’m no stranger to this phenomenon. When I was 16, I had my first bank account with New Jersey National Bank. It was sooner or later bought by or merged with CoreStates (Dec. 6, 1996), then First Union ... Continue reading this article…

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Money Transferred to Debt

by Luke Landes

Over the weekend, I decided to use $2,000 of the money I made from freelance web consulting last year to speed up paying off my car loan. Even though my car loan has a lower interest rate (2 percent) than my some of student loans (~4 percent), it’s more important for me to reduce the car loan. ... Continue reading this article…

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Best Of The Week

by Luke Landes

If you missed these great stories on other blogs this week, now is the time to catch up: * Free Money Finance takes a look at advice from David Bach, author of The Automatic Millionaire, in An Early Start on the Road to Riches. * JLP from AllThingsFinancial discusses the Five Step Strategy for Getting ... Continue reading this article…

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New Emigrant Direct Credit Card

by Luke Landes

There have been rumors if this for a long time, but Emigrant Direct has finally announced their new credit card. This is a “platinum” MasterCard that offers up to 1.25 percent cash back on all purchases with no yearly limit. The rewards are deposited directly into your Emigrant Direct account twice a year. If you ... Continue reading this article…

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Friday Articles

by Luke Landes

On Fridays, instead of just the regular personal finance links, perhaps I’ll put together a hodge-podge of everything I find interesting. A veritable cornucopia of delectable links. * Nothing quick about getting rich with real estate * Doctor Who to air on Sci-Fi channel in March — too bad I have only 30 TV stations, ... Continue reading this article…

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