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Tuition Reimbursement – Save, Spend, or Repay?

by Luke Landes

I received my latest tuition reimbursement check in the mail. Actually, I received the check some time in the past two weeks, and somehow I missed it. While my girlfriend and I were tidying up my apartment, she stumbled across the envelope in a pile of pre-approved credit card offers — all junk-mail — that ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Balance Sheet, March 2006

by Luke Landes

March was a good month to me. I officially became a thirtysomething (well, a thirtynothing) and celebrated with many friends, including some who came from a distance. As I hardly see my friends these days, it was great to get together. Also this month, I traveled to Florida to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday — she ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Finance Friday

by Luke Landes

Here are some quickies from around the pfblogosphere. AllFinancialMatters offers nine questions to ask before you get married. Free Money Finance writes about the importance of managing your career. FMF has averaged an annual 10 percent increase in his income from when he entered the workforce, many, many years ago. Five Cent Nickel shares thoughts about ... Continue reading this article…

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You Get Three Free Annual Credit Reports

by Luke Landes

Since September 1, 2005, people in my area of the country have been entitled to three free credit reports each year, one from each credit reporting agency. Last year, I got my report a few days early, avoiding the “rush.” I had planned to space my requests evenly throughout the year, by getting one every ... Continue reading this article…

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Sort Out Your Finances

by Luke Landes

David Bach’s latest column on Yahoo Finance serves as a checklist for getting your personal finances in order. I went through this process several years ago but it would have been nice to have some guidance. Simply getting your information together in one location is the essential first step in organizing your financial life. Here’s ... Continue reading this article…

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Spend More With Cash or Plastic?

by Luke Landes

Liz Pulliam Weston is suggesting using cash rather than plastic because of an inclination to overspend. I’m a big fan of credit cards. Most offer fraud protection and online reconciliations so I always know exactly what I am spending. When I pay the balance off at the end of the month, it’s also nice to ... Continue reading this article…

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Good News For DiscoverCard Holders

by Luke Landes

DiscoverCard has made some improvements to its online features. You can now schedule payments in advance, make payments as often as every three days, and have your payment post the same day if the transaction is initiated before 5:00 pm Eastern. The last improvement is a nice touch for procrastinators. I once tried to use ... Continue reading this article…

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Corzine’s New Jersey Budget

by Luke Landes

The big story in New Jersey today was Governor Corzine’s proposed state budget. You can read his speech here. To summarize, New Jerseyans will be looking at higher sales tax, increased tax on cigarettes and liquor, increased tax on luxuries like limousine services and tanning salons, possibly increased property taxes even after rebates, and no ... Continue reading this article…

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