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Your House: Asset or Liability?

by Luke Landes

Gurus like David Bach and Robert Kiyosaki profess the best way to get rich is real estate (while their net worth continues to increase through the sale of books and seminars). But what good is increased equity in the house if the only way you can use that money is to sell the house (downsize) ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Balance Sheet, February 2006

by Luke Landes

I can’t believe it’s March already. I turn 30 this month. As if it’s a sign of things to come, Kevin Pollack won’t be coming to my birthday event because — so he says — the movie he’s filming has been delayed. Yes, a bunch of friends and I were planning to see the actor/comedian ... Continue reading this article…

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Tax Bill or Tax Refund, Which is Better?

by Luke Landes

There are two typical responses when a person finishes preparing his tax return, depending on the result. If he owes money, I hear, “Do’h! I have to pay the government more. I wish they’d use my money more efficiently.” If he is due a refund, I hear, “Woohoo! I’m going to get a big fat ... Continue reading this article…

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Today’s Interesting Articles

by Luke Landes

Part of having a weblog is logging the web. Therefore, I present some links I’ve been reading today in between working during the day and finishing an assigment for class this evening, starting with two articles about the sexes. * The myth that women make less than men [CNN] for comparable jobs. * Men love ... Continue reading this article…

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Visualize Your Debt Payments

by Luke Landes

If you’re a visual person, you may like this debt repayment calculator I discovered via Consumerist. After you input the terms of your debt (only one account at a time), it presents a colorful timeline of your payments and end-of-year totals.

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Reading for the Drive Home

by Luke Landes

Perhaps I’ll focus on one or more of these articles tonight. * The best ways to negotiate a higher salary. * $1,000,000,000,000 in assets under management for the new Merrill Lynch/BlackRock merger. * Seven steps to stellar credit. This reminds me it’s time to order my next free credit report. * Here’s Yahoo Finance’s collection ... Continue reading this article…

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Tax Credits for Better Energy Efficiency

by Luke Landes

While energy is more expensive this year, I’ve done a good job so far of keeping the cost of heating my apartment comparable to my expenses last year. Today, I noticed an article describing little-known tax credits available for those who upgrade their homes for better energy conservation. Some of the upgrades are expensive, and ... Continue reading this article…

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What’s In My Wallet

by Luke Landes

I haven’t had much to write about lately. I’ve been quite busy at work and with school work. The good news is I should be finished with my master’s degree in September. There have been some good and some bad aspects of my program, and I plan on giving it a lot of attention on ... Continue reading this article…

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