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Teaching Kids About Money, Part 2

by Luke Landes

Previously, I mentioned Yahoo Finance’s latest feature on teaching children about money. This post continues with that feature. Lynne Ticknor acknowledges that schools often don’t have the resources to teach classes beyond core curriculum. Personal finance classes are therefore difficult to find in public schools. Thus, the responsibility falls on the parents, who as many ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Personal Finance #19

by Luke Landes

Welcome to the Carnival of Personal Finance, 19th edition! You are visiting Consumerism Commentary, a website where I discuss my personal finances with links to related news with commentary every once in a while. Here is a little about me and this website. You can browse my latest updates or start with the “Best Of ... Continue reading this article…

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Balance Transfer Not Accepted

by Luke Landes

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. In the last few weeks, I opened a Discover Miles Card account, which was offering one of the free 0 percent APR balance transfer deals. I decided to take advantage, to earn some interest on the credit. Everything went smoothly until ... Continue reading this article…

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Saving With Low Income, Part 2

by Luke Landes

Here’s the second article in which I’m visiting MP Dunleavey’s article about techniques for saving when a low income is working against you. Part One is here. * Create bank errors in your favor. MP suggests adding a little extra expense or a little less income when entering transactions into Microsoft Money or Quicken. I ... Continue reading this article…

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Saving With Low Income

by Luke Landes

MP Dunleavey gives her readers 19 ways to save when income is not quite as high as would be comfortable. The tips are practical and can be applied to just about anyone for whom saving more money is a goal, regardless of income. Here are some of her suggestions, submitted by readers: * Stash a ... Continue reading this article…

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Financial Urban Myths

by Luke Landes

Don’t fall for these popular “wives’ tales,” as compiled by Some of these are strange and unfamiliar to me, but maybe you’ve heard these rumors. 1. False: “You can float a check longer if you write in red ink.” 2. False: “You don’t have to pay income tax — it’s illegal.” 3. False: “I’m ... Continue reading this article…

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2006 Benefits Enrollment

by Luke Landes

I suppose this is a problem facing corporate employees across the country, but I feel like outlining how much my health benefits choices for 2006 will be significantly more expensive than this past year. Not only are our choices more limited (except for an introduction of a Consumer Directed Health Plan and a High Deductible ... Continue reading this article…

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Employee Health Plans

by Luke Landes

Marketwatch reports that “Two out of three adults would rather have their employer pick a set of health plans than be given an employer-funded account so they can go out and buy it for themselves on the individual market.” My company provides several options for health coverage, but the selection is getting more complicated next ... Continue reading this article…

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