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An Actual CitiBank Credit Card Improvement

by Luke Landes

With all the talk about CitiBank’s limitations in its online payment services, I neglected to mention an actual improvement that I noticed through the ordeal. (Luckilly, they sent an reminder of the new feature via email.) In the past, when users went to pay their credit card bill online, CitiBank would process the payment immediately. ... Continue reading this article…

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ING Direct Proffers a Weak Attempt

by Luke Landes

ING Direct raised its interest rate for its savings account today to 3.4 percent APY. It’s a very weak move in response to Emigrant Direct upping its savings interest yield from 3.5 percent to 4.0 percent. I expect the other online banks will also raise their rates. By the way, you can always find a collection of the ... Continue reading this article…

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Raise Your FICO Credit Score

by Luke Landes

You may have been offered a credit score when you took advantage of the free credit report offer. CNN is offering tips for boosting that score. But first a note. Often, credit scores offered by the credit reporting agency are not true FICO scores — the ones mortgage companies use when contemplating your credit risk, ... Continue reading this article…

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CitiBank Strikes Again

by Luke Landes

About a week ago, I linked my CitiBank Platinum Dividend Rewards credit card to my ING Direct account with the intent of keeping more of my cash in an interest-bearing account. I knew from the last time I made a change to my CitiBank card, I had to wait some time before paying my bill ... Continue reading this article…

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Emigrant Direct Raises Rates and Offers Rebate Credit Card

by Luke Landes

For the latest information on the Emigrant Direct Rebate Credit Card, click here (January 2006). Emigrant Direct raised interest rates on its savings account to a wonderful 4.0 percent APY today, possibly to coincide with the Federal Reserve Bank’s increase of 25 basis points. I have updated the latest checking and savings rates table to include ... Continue reading this article…

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Monday is Carnival Day

by Luke Landes

The latest Carnival of Personal Finance has been posted at Optimized Living. Check it out! My included article is about Emergency Funds, a popular topic. Here are some other items of interest from the Carnival: No Credit Needed gets personal. The Dividend Guy has a dumb investment. Jim shares tips for selling on eBay. There’s ... Continue reading this article…

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What Are You Afraid Of? Part 2

by Luke Landes

Earlier, I posted a summary of the first half of Money Magazine’s newest feature, Your Six Biggest Money Fears. In the feature, six general fears regarding personal finance are discussed and debunked, and for each an alternate concern is posited. Outsourcing makes many white-collar Americans concerned about their job. Still, it’s mostly blue-collar jobs that ... Continue reading this article…

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Emergency Funds, Doing Okay?

by Luke Landes

We hear all the time how Americans are not saving enough for emergencies. The “Emergency Fund” is heralded as the first step in getting a sound financial footing, before thoughts about investing in stocks or making large purchases enter the brain. The idea of putting aside cash for a (very) rainy day has been a ... Continue reading this article…

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