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New Personal Finance Blogs, Some are Quite Good

by Luke Landes

One benefit of being “directly involved” with is I find out about new blogs early on in their existence. Here are some good ones that have sprung up over the past few months, some of which may not be on your reading list yet. These should be. Let me know if there are any ... Continue reading this article…

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My Lender Wants Me to Pay $10,000 Extra

by Luke Landes

After recently finishing the last of my formal education (so far), I was able to consolidate my student loans. I received two pieces of information in the mail from the lender, one good and one not really that good. First, the good news. You are eligible to receive a 0.25 percent interest rate reduction when you ... Continue reading this article…

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Once Again: Credit Cards at Fault? A Compelling Argument

by Luke Landes

Through some discussion about placing blame for poor money management, we managed to gather several differing opinions about the source of the problem. Kids with no skills and parents who don’t teach seemed to be the biggest culprits, followed by schools without money management classes (which, when attempted, do more harm than good), and finally ... Continue reading this article…

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Money Magazine: 25 Rules to Grow Rich By, Part 4

by Luke Landes

Money Magazine came up with 25 “rules of thumb” that will help your grow rich, albeit very slowly. Rules of thumb are often appropriate only for a fictional “average person,” but they can be good starting points for determining what is the right choice for any individual. I’ve looked at the first fifteen so far, ... Continue reading this article…

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I Am Apparently Not on the Path to a Comfortable Retirement (Win $50,000)

by Luke Landes

So one of Consumerism Commentary’s new sponsors, Nationwide, has an interactive tool that asks a few questions and determined if you are on the path to a decent retirement. It’s a Flash-based tool with an annoying talking character (who you can mute if he or she starts to annoy you, too). The questions are meant ... Continue reading this article…

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Money Magazine: 25 Rules to Grow Rich By, Part 3

by Luke Landes

Last week, I started a short series looking at Money Magazine’s 25 rules to grow rich by. I’m breaking down the advice within the article into five separate blog entries here; you can find part one here and part two here. Here are the next five tips, with a bit of my own commentary thrown ... Continue reading this article…

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Great Blog Articles From This Past Week

by Luke Landes

Here are what my friends in the personal finance blogosphere have written this past week, starting with the MoneyBlogNetwork bloggers: * Jim from Blueprint wrote about inflation’s role in the debt vs. save question. * FiveCentNickel wonders if ethanol is as beneficial as the Bush administration says. * Free Money Finance takes a look at ... Continue reading this article…

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Around the Personal Finance Blogs, Today’s Popular Posts

by Luke Landes

Here are the most popular posts from the last 24 hours, according to * What Do You Do When Someone Wants to Give You Money? from Blogging Away Debt * Three Mistakes That Can Cost You Thousands from Debt Blog * 25 Steps to a Wildly Successful Personal Finance Blog from Blueprint from Financial ... Continue reading this article…

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