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How to Be the CFO of Your Own Life

by Luke Landes

I think there is a point in every person’s life at which he comes to a realization and has to make a decision that shapes the course of his life. This happened to me in the early part of the year 2002. I’ll spare most of the details, but at this time I realized I ... Continue reading this article…

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Top 10 Blogs on pfblogs.org by Clicks per Post

by Luke Landes

Yesterday, I posted the Top 10 Blogs of pfblogs.org, ordered by total clicks since the beginning of the aggregator in February. Here’s a list that may be more relevant or interesting. What follows is the top 10 blogs listed by average clicks per post over the past two months, as of Wednesday night. Only blogs ... Continue reading this article…

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Sometimes Financial Decisions Must Consider More Than Just Money

by Luke Landes

I alluded to this in a post yesterday, the title of which got my girlfriend’s attention. Anyway, sometimes it makes more sense not to chase the highest returns. The Money Magazine Expert, Walter Updegrave, agrees. In his latest advice column, he tackles the problem of a couple with a healthy emergency fund and student loan ... Continue reading this article…

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Bad News for Affiliated Computer Services

by Luke Landes

For the last several years, Affiliate Computer Services has provided the technology that allows me to work with my student loan accounts online, tasks which include scheduling payments in advance, viewing tax forms, and staring at the pit of debt wondering if I concentrated hard enough, the money would no longer be owed. Apparently, this ... Continue reading this article…

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Young and in Debt: Five Twenty-Somethings Share Stories

by Luke Landes

U.S.A. Today is featuring a six-week series following five twenty-somethings and their adventures in debt. Debt seems to be the primary concern of most people as they emerge from their undergraduate education and begin working or continue onto graduate education. One of the first articles in the series, Young People Struggle With the Kiss of ... Continue reading this article…

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New Personal Finance Blogs, Some are Quite Good

by Luke Landes

One benefit of being “directly involved” with pfblogs.org is I find out about new blogs early on in their existence. Here are some good ones that have sprung up over the past few months, some of which may not be on your reading list yet. These should be. Let me know if there are any ... Continue reading this article…

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My Lender Wants Me to Pay $10,000 Extra

by Luke Landes

After recently finishing the last of my formal education (so far), I was able to consolidate my student loans. I received two pieces of information in the mail from the lender, one good and one not really that good. First, the good news. You are eligible to receive a 0.25 percent interest rate reduction when you ... Continue reading this article…

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Once Again: Credit Cards at Fault? A Compelling Argument

by Luke Landes

Through some discussion about placing blame for poor money management, we managed to gather several differing opinions about the source of the problem. Kids with no skills and parents who don’t teach seemed to be the biggest culprits, followed by schools without money management classes (which, when attempted, do more harm than good), and finally ... Continue reading this article…

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