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The Top 25 Money Tips of All Time, Part 3

by Luke Landes

Everyone has their favorite money tips, and we’ve been looking at the favorites of some Canadian financial advisors. Here are the first 5 and here are the next. Keep reading this post for tips 11 through 15. Emphasize rewards. “Think of a budget as pre-spending and emphasize the objects or experiences that you want to ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekly Happenings

by Luke Landes

Here are some interesting posts from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond. Mighty Bargain Hunter hosted the Carnival of Investing with 22 entries. Free Money Finance wants to help you answer the interview question, Why should we hire you? AllFinancialMatters asks how much readers spend on cable. On Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, find out how to buy ... Continue reading this article…

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My Nest Egg Score

by Luke Landes

I broke down and took the A.G. Edwards Nest Egg Score estimation thing. I’m doing better than average for my age group (18-35), so I’m satisfied. The mini-quiz asked a few questions about my living status and my investing and savings habits, and presented these suggestions: * Continue to manage debt. * Maximize your retirement ... Continue reading this article…

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Selling a Car While Upside-Down

by Luke Landes

A few years ago, I woke up. It cost me more to go to work than I was making, thanks to commuting, living expenses, and a non-profit salary. I was the one not profiting. Life was great when I simply ignored the mounting debt. There was only so long that could last, though. There are ... Continue reading this article…

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Hello, More Debt (Temporarily)

by Luke Landes

The last portion of my final student loan was disbursed last week. That means that my debt level has increased again (although I have more funds in the tuition fund at my school to offset that debt). As reimbursements come in from my company, the debt should decreasing again — as long as I can ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Personal Finance #53

by Luke Landes

Welcome to the anniversary edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! What a year it has been. The first Carnival of Personal Finance was posted on June 20, 2005. To celebrate the Carnival’s first birthday, I asked participants to submit two articles: a recent favorite as usual and one of their favorites from the past ... Continue reading this article…

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You Won’t Be Rich, Maybe Just Solvent

by Luke Landes

Jeanne Sahadi has a tendency to bring people back to reality, and she does so nicely with her latest commentary, the Not-a-millionaire guide to financial security. She points out that getting rich is pretty difficult unless you’re an investment banker or venture capitalist. If you try to live like you’re rich before you are, you’ll ... Continue reading this article…

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Congratulations to My Friends Mentioned on

by Luke Landes ran an article by Vanessa Richardson today. She looked at the blog-about-money phenomenon and focuses on a fiew blog-friends of mine, AllFinancialMatters, Budgeting Babe, Boston Gal’s Open Wallet, and Make Love, Not Debt. There are a few interesting quotes as well as tips for those wishing to join the personal finance hemisphere of the ... Continue reading this article…

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