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Tuition Reimbursement – Save, Spend, or Repay?

by Luke Landes

I received my latest tuition reimbursement check in the mail. Actually, I received the check some time in the past two weeks, and somehow I missed it. While my girlfriend and I were tidying up my apartment, she stumbled across the envelope in a pile of pre-approved credit card offers — all junk-mail — that ... Continue reading this article…

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Will Other’s People’s Spending Affect My Retirement?

by Luke Landes

A new Ask the Expert from Money Magazine tackles the topics of the United States’ federal budget deficit, national debt, and personal debt, and presents some thoughts about the only relevant question: What does it mean for my future? Walter Updegrave, the resident Expert, says we should not fear the chicken littles who cry we’re ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Finance Friday

by Luke Landes

Here are some quickies from around the pfblogosphere. AllFinancialMatters offers nine questions to ask before you get married. Free Money Finance writes about the importance of managing your career. FMF has averaged an annual 10 percent increase in his income from when he entered the workforce, many, many years ago. Five Cent Nickel shares thoughts about ... Continue reading this article…

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Sort Out Your Finances

by Luke Landes

David Bach’s latest column on Yahoo Finance serves as a checklist for getting your personal finances in order. I went through this process several years ago but it would have been nice to have some guidance. Simply getting your information together in one location is the essential first step in organizing your financial life. Here’s ... Continue reading this article…

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One Carnival is Up

by Luke Landes

The Carnival of Debt Reduction is up at Blueprint! The newest Carnival of Personal Finance will be posted by Canadian Capitalist later this morning. Update: The Carnival of Personal Finance is now up at Canadian Capitalist. Another Update: Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Free Money Finance and the Carnival of Investing is up ... Continue reading this article…

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Round ‘Em Up

by Luke Landes

It was a busy week in the blogosphere and a busy week for me in my office. There’s nothing I enjoy less than being in the office working overtime on Friday nights. Anyhow, here are some items I’ve found interesting from the members of the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond. Mighty Bargain Hunter evaluates why being debt-free ... Continue reading this article…

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HOWTO Deal With Winning the Lottery

by Luke Landes

Are you more likely to play the major lottery when the jackpot is more than $250 million? If you happen to play, and if you’re really lucky, there’s a chance, however slim, you might win it all. Let’s say you just realized you’re taking home the grand prize and you’re the only winner. Now what? ... Continue reading this article…

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Visualize Your Debt Payments

by Luke Landes

If you’re a visual person, you may like this debt repayment calculator I discovered via Consumerist. After you input the terms of your debt (only one account at a time), it presents a colorful timeline of your payments and end-of-year totals.

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