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Wednesday Reading

by Luke Landes

Forbes takes a look at what the good life costs, with the “good life” being a nice house, good education for the kids, and a summer home. In the Northeast, my region of the country, it will cost at least $215,000 a year (after taxes and savings). That’s enough to make most families give up ... Continue reading this article…

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Time to Consolidate

by Luke Landes

I spent the last 45 minutes or so consolidating my student loans. I’m a graduate student, working on my Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix Online. Even though I have these loans, they get paid off as soon as I receive my reimbursement check from my company. However, when I first ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Personal Finance #1

by Luke Landes

Welcome to Consumerism Commentary and the Carnival of Personal Finance! For an introduction to the Carnival, read this entry. For a schedule of upcoming Carnivals and their hosts, see this article. Below you will find the articles that have been submitted so far. The deadline was originally set for Sunday night at 10:00pm, but any ... Continue reading this article…

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New Jersey is a Red State

by Luke Landes

Do you live in a red state? I’m not talking politically. Experian has compiled data from credit reports to determine which U.S. states represent the highest average debt (not including mortgages) per person. There’s a nifty color-coded chart, as well. The red states have the highest average debt. The New England states rank high… but ... Continue reading this article…

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Friday’s News

by Luke Landes

As Friday progresses, I’ll add articles and news I find interesting to this post. * Jim Jubak says there is no housing bubble. The first rule of Housing Bubble is you do not talk about Housing Bubble. His reasons: mortgage money is cheap (low rates), high prices are a result of inflation only, and consumer ... Continue reading this article…

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Sell Gold, Pay Off Debt

by Luke Landes

Mark Cuban from Blog Maverick believes the country should sell its gold reserves in order to pay down national debt. This plan assumes that the amount of held gold reported actually exists in storage. It’s a safe assumption unless you’re a conspiracy theorist. Fort Knox would be an expensive operation if it was protecting nothing. ... Continue reading this article…

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The New Bankruptcy Bill

by Luke Landes

There’s a new bankruptcy bill that’s up for vote in the Senate. if it passes, and it probably will, filing for bankruptcy will be harder. More specifically, fewer people will be able to file under Chapter 7, where creditors will get nothing and all debt is liquidated, and instead will be forced to file under ... Continue reading this article…

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Suze Orman: Young, Fabulous and Decidedly Not Broke

by Luke Landes

Suze Orman is appearing on PBS right now on her fifth special, Young, Fabulous, and Broke. I’ll live-blog the first hour of the program. You can catch her on WNET 13 New York or possibly your local PBS station. Show them your support. Read on and reload throughout the hour! Keep in mind my server ... Continue reading this article…

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