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Sort Out Your Finances

by Luke Landes

David Bach’s latest column on Yahoo Finance serves as a checklist for getting your personal finances in order. I went through this process several years ago but it would have been nice to have some guidance. Simply getting your information together in one location is the essential first step in organizing your financial life. Here’s ... Continue reading this article…

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Student Loan Consolidation

by Luke Landes

Most people are predicting that interest rates on student loans will go up on July 1. It might make sense for people with these loans to consolidate before the rate increase. I still have a small portion left over from my undergraduate degree but I’ve also begun accumulating a balance from my graduate degree, 90 percent ... Continue reading this article…

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How To Blog Safely

by Luke Landes

The Electronic Frontier Foundation — you might remember them as the group behind the Blue Ribbon Campaign if you were writing formative blogs or other websites in 1997 — have published an important article for people who write online. The organization exists to protect fundamental rights regardless of the technolog involved. Specifically, those of us ... Continue reading this article…

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