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Where Do Hedge Fund Professionals Spend Their Money?

by Luke Landes

Breaking into the hedge fund industry is a sure way to find yourself with a large income. Culture seems to dictate that most of that income will be spent and not saved. After all, you have to look the part and live the life. If you had to guess, where would you say the hedgies ... Continue reading this article…

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Is a Wal-Mart Sale CNN-Newsworthy?

by Luke Landes

I saw this article on CNN Money today, but I’m confused. Wal-Mart is lowering its prices on electronics items due to lackluster holiday sales so far this season. Is this considered “news?” Perhaps this announcement has some sort of value for people who invest directly in Wal-Mart, but it seems much more like a huge ... Continue reading this article…

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Money Magazine: 25 Rules to Grow Rich By, Part 5

by Luke Landes

We’ve finally come to the last installment of Money Magazine’s 25 Rules to Grow Rich By, which has a catchy title, but is more or less just a list of “rules of thumb” that may or may not be applicable to any one individual. And let’s face it, you are all individuals. (Yes, we are ... Continue reading this article…

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Holiday Season is Approaching and Kids Want Presents

by Luke Landes

If you have children in your life who are not isolated from society, then chances are they’re going to want one of the toys on this list. Even the most astute parents’ intentions to steer their kids towards more educational toys are stymied when the children go to school, watch television, and play with the ... Continue reading this article…

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Did You Notice Today’s Date?

by Luke Landes

The blogosphere seems to be saturated with stories retelling what people were doing when they first heard (or felt) the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center five years ago, on September 11, 2001. Here’s my contribution to the meme.

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Celebrities Must Pay Taxes, Too

by Luke Landes

When you finally make it big and you receive an invitation to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards (the Oscars), pay attention to the gift bags you receive. The Academy will give your name to the IRS to let them know that you’ll owe taxes on the gift [MSN Money]. Responsibility for ... Continue reading this article…

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Emigrant Direct’s New Website is Up!

by Luke Landes

I arrived home a little earlier, and while writing my first paper for my last class before obtaining my master’s degree, I decided to check out Emigrant Direct’s new website. There has been a lot of talk over on an earlier entry about how many have not been able to access the website and have ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Personal Finance #53

by Luke Landes

Welcome to the anniversary edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! What a year it has been. The first Carnival of Personal Finance was posted on June 20, 2005. To celebrate the Carnival’s first birthday, I asked participants to submit two articles: a recent favorite as usual and one of their favorites from the past ... Continue reading this article…

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