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Did You Notice Today’s Date?

by Luke Landes

The blogosphere seems to be saturated with stories retelling what people were doing when they first heard (or felt) the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center five years ago, on September 11, 2001. Here’s my contribution to the meme.

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Celebrities Must Pay Taxes, Too

by Luke Landes

When you finally make it big and you receive an invitation to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards (the Oscars), pay attention to the gift bags you receive. The Academy will give your name to the IRS to let them know that you’ll owe taxes on the gift [MSN Money]. Responsibility for ... Continue reading this article…

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Emigrant Direct’s New Website is Up!

by Luke Landes

I arrived home a little earlier, and while writing my first paper for my last class before obtaining my master’s degree, I decided to check out Emigrant Direct’s new website. There has been a lot of talk over on an earlier entry about how many have not been able to access the website and have ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Personal Finance #53

by Luke Landes

Welcome to the anniversary edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! What a year it has been. The first Carnival of Personal Finance was posted on June 20, 2005. To celebrate the Carnival’s first birthday, I asked participants to submit two articles: a recent favorite as usual and one of their favorites from the past ... Continue reading this article…

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Deceptive Credit Card Offers, Part 4: Due Times

by Luke Landes

As you may know, I’ve been running a series this week, looking at several deceptive practices credit card companies have begun to use in the past few years. As credit issuers have been making less money on the spread between their borrowed cash and the interest they charge their customers, the companies look for new ... Continue reading this article…

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GMAC Online Savings Account

by Luke Landes

Flatbeer asked me: GMAC raised the interest rate to 4.75 percent ($500 min). I checked the general FAQ and you can now download account info into Quicken & Money. With electronic transfers, downloadable account info, checks, AND a VISA check card, I would think that most people would choose this option for an online money market ... Continue reading this article…

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by Luke Landes

In order to reduce my 2005 taxes a little, I decided to throw some of my self employment income into a SEP IRA. The great thing about SEP IRAs is that I can invest above and beyond the normal contribution limit for Traditional and Roth IRAs as well as beyond the employer 401(k) plan offered ... Continue reading this article…

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Where’s My Tax Refund?

by Luke Landes

Earlier today, I finalized my tax return calculations and filed them online. I was able to file my federal taxes for free, but rather than do my state taxes separately and mail them for free, I opted to pay a fee — about $15 — to file them online as well. Although I’ve done that ... Continue reading this article…

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