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Personal Balance Sheet, July 2007 ($102,011, +2.4%)

by Luke Landes

If you’re new to Consumerism Commentary, this may seem like a strange concept. Every month I share my financial reports down to the dollar. It is a summary of all of my account balances as well as a rough estimate of the value of my larger assets. It is not a complete net worth report ... Continue reading this article…

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Paying Off Debt: 6 Steps to Building a Better Snowball

by Luke Landes

The “snowball method” for paying off debt isn’t something out of the movie Clerks. It is a way to organize your outstanding debt in such a way that the funds you have available for paying off debt are optimally distributed in the manner that will allow you to pay off that debt quickly and cheaply. ... Continue reading this article…

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Another Case of Misleading Statistics

by Luke Landes

Everybody Lies. That’s the mantra from House, a simple but entertaining television show, whose premises are strangely applicable to personal finance. Recently, Liz Pulliam Weston evaluated a survey about consumer credit card debt that used a mistaken assumption to create misleading data about average household debt. When a survey says 90 percent of Americans are either ... Continue reading this article…

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The Carnival is Up!

by Luke Landes

The 111th Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by plonkee money yesterday, in the theme of the Glastonbury Music Festival. I enjoyed Return Fraud: Returning Rocks Instead of TVs, The Minimum Wage is Now $5.85/Hour, But What’s the Point?, Will Health Insurance Really Save You Money?, and How Your Occupation, Education, Income and Net Worth ... Continue reading this article…

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Congress Will Attempt to Fix Abusive Bank Policies

by Luke Landes

Earlier this month, I wrote about how overdraft fees are becoming more popular with banks finding ways to assess the fees more often, in tandem with raising what the customer owes each time — sometimes several within a day — an account is overdrawn. Laura Rowley’s latest column mentioned that a few congressmen are interested ... Continue reading this article…

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Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go

by Luke Landes

Thanks to the following blogs or websites (not including RSS readers or search engines) who sent the most visitors to Consumerism Commentary during the month of July. # Consumerist # The Simple Dollar # MoneyBlogNetwork Home # AllFinancialMatters # pfblogs.org # FiveCentNickel # Free Money Finance # Blueprint for Financial Prosperity # Get Rich Slowly ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekly Roundup, First Guests Edition

by Luke Landes

Here are some of the articles I enjoyed from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond this past weekend. Before I get to that, don’t forget I’m giving away one copy of the Complete Real Estate Investing Guidebook. As of last night, there were only 30 people interested, so chances to win are still pretty good. Mighty Bargain ... Continue reading this article…

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Penelope Trunk’s Career Tips Don’t Always Apply

by Luke Landes

Penelope Trunk is an outspoken supporter of everything Generation Y has to offer. Most of the time, I agree with her. I do believe the workplace is changing to make the most out of the skills and behaviors of younger people — it’s “adapt or die.” But not all sectors of the working world are ... Continue reading this article…

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