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Carnival of Investing #3

by Luke Landes

Welcome to Consumerism Commentary, this week’s host of the Carnival of Investing! The Carnival of Investing is a new Blog Carnival that collects the best blog entries in the past week or so that focus on the topic of investing. In the words of Mr. B. Rhymes, c’mon, c’mon, let’s get to it.

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Balance Sheet, December 2005

by Luke Landes

What a year! In my personal finances, I’ve mad some advances, but not without letting a few things fall between the cracks. The market turned sour in the last week of the year, and that had too much of an effect on my investment balances. Keep reading for some tables that show my progress over ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnivals for the New Year

by Luke Landes

Welcome to 2006! The latest Carnival of Personal Finance has been posted at The Real Returns, so check it out! Also, I’ll be hosting the Carnival of Investing tomorrow, so email me your late submissions and I’ll get them in.

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How To Achieve 100,000 Visitors

by Luke Landes

Free Money Finance is running an informative series on how to get your blog to 100,000 visitors and beyond. Unfortunately, so far he has neglected an important traffic grabber that was discovered by the Seattle Times. (This relates to personal finance because of the proliferation of “monetized” blogs — you know, with ads, like Consumerism ... Continue reading this article…

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My Investment Holdings

by Luke Landes

I was wondering how my investments were doing this year, so I whipped up a table. It appears my managed funds have generally outperformed my index fund. Some notes: * My 401(k) was recently rebalanced (it’s automatic on a quarterly basis). * The YTD Return is annualized based on either the most recent information or ... Continue reading this article…

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Looking Ahead to 2006

by Luke Landes

Yahoo Finance is presenting a feature on the 2006 outlook. The intent of the numerous articles within the feature is thwarted by the first sentence in the first article: “Don’t believe anyone who claims to know.” We’ve reached a difficult and puzzling fork in the economic road. In one direction lies the ugly prospect of ... Continue reading this article…

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The Remainder Of The Year

by Luke Landes

The last few days have been quite crazy between traveling and visiting my girlfriend’s family for Christmas. Here is a list of items I need to accomplsh or work on between now and the end of the year, which happens to be very soon. I’ll update this list as I think of more items. * ... Continue reading this article…

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Festival of Frugality, Carnival of Investing

by Luke Landes

The Festival of Frugality has been posted at Free Money Finance. This week’s edition included mt thoughts on efficient and frugal food shopping, something I plan to put into action this week to plan for my next shopping trip. Next Monday, I’ll be hosting the Carnival of Investing (most recently hosted by AllThingsFinancial). Bloggers may ... Continue reading this article…

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