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The Best Financial Advice I’ve Ever Received

by Luke Landes

People frequently ask me to share the best piece of financial advice I’ve ever received. Most recently, this was a common theme at the Financial Blogger Conference in Chicago. One company in attendance,, filmed and edited a video of various personal finance bloggers sharing their best piece of financial advice. I think it’s important ... Continue reading this article…

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Boost Your Human Capital: Explore Beyond Your Industry

by Luke Landes
The box outside of which you should think

If there’s anything to take away from an extended period of unemployment, it’s that human capital can mean the difference between receiving a good job offer and remaining unemployed. There are many facets of human capital, and as your human capital increases, so does your marketability. There are many ways you can gain an edge, ... Continue reading this article…

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The Emergency Fund in 1939

by Luke Landes

In the Berkshire Hathaway 2010 Annual Report, Warren Buffett shared a letter from his grandfather to his uncle’s family in 1939, and the advice contained within the letter formed the basis of Berkshire Hathaway’s commitment to weathering any financial storm. I can’t say if the idea of an emergency fund was novel in 1939, but ... Continue reading this article…

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Incomes Decreased More After Recession Than During Recession

by Luke Landes

A new analysis of household income reveals some statistics that might be counter-intuitive. The study, authored by former Census Bureau economists Gordon W. Green Jr. and John F. Coder and published by Sentier Research, shows that median income for Americans has decreased more sharply during the economic recovery than during the recession. The survey that ... Continue reading this article…

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Boost Your Human Capital: Increase Your Education

by Luke Landes
University of Delaware Memorial Hall

Last year, I offered ten ways to boost your human capital. I’ve spent the past few years concerned mostly with the net worth, income, and expense measurements of personal finance, but human capital is just as important as monetary capital. By increasing human capital, you increase your value to society as well as potential future ... Continue reading this article…

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Podcast 129: Financial Blogger Conference, Betterment

by Luke Landes

Today’s Consumerism Commentary Podcast features two interviews. In the first segment, Tom Dziubek talks with Philip Taylor from PT Money: Personal Finance and Consumerism Commentary founder Flexo about this year’s Financial Blogger Conference. In the second segment, Tom speaks with Jon Stein, founder and CEO of the online investing service Betterment. Jon discusses recent survey ... Continue reading this article…

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Quicken 2012 Review With Video

by Luke Landes
Quicken 2012 Budget Planner

Quicken 2013 is now available. Read a full review of the latest version of the software be clicking here. What follows is a review of Quicken 2012, now outdated. For the last few days, I’ve been testing the new version of Quicken Home and Business. While most people who track their finances have moved to ... Continue reading this article…

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How to Handle Meeting Hundreds of Colleagues

by Luke Landes

My experience with the first Financial Blogger Conference This past weekend has been a whirlwind. On Friday, for the first time I took advantage of using accrued frequent flyer miles to upgrade to first class on Continental. I will write more on that experience later. For now, I want to concentrate on what happened after ... Continue reading this article…

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