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Flexo’s Financial Goals and Resolutions for 2009

by Luke Landes

One lesson I learned this past year, after setting financial goals for 2008 and evaluating my progress as of last week, is that I shouldn’t set goals that are heavily dependent upon forces beyond my control, such as the stock market at large. My main target of a $210,000 “modified net worth” assumed the stock ... Continue reading this article…

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Most Popular on Consumerism Commentary: December 2008

by Luke Landes

One of the best methods of reading Consumerism Commentary and staying up-to-date with the latest articles and posts is through RSS subscription. By subscribing to the Consumerism Commentary RSS feed with feed-reading software such as Google Reader or aggregators such as My Yahoo, you’ll always be aware of new content here. If you prefer to ... Continue reading this article…

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When to Begin Investing for a Child’s Education

by Luke Landes

I do not have any children. I am, however, planning to have children at some point in the future. It is part of my long-term vision for my life, despite endless stories from co-workers who seem to have such a difficult time with their own. (These stories are always followed by a confession that they ... Continue reading this article…

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First Five Days of 2009 May Indicate Stock Market’s Performance

by Luke Landes

Over the last 36 years whose first five days resulted in a stock market increase, 31 of those years experienced an overall good year for stocks. While that’s a good track record, it’s not an infallible indicator. There are three trading days left in 2008, a lost cause for the stock market. This method has ... Continue reading this article…

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Evaluating This Year’s Progress Against My Goals

by Luke Landes

In December 2007, I set a number of financial goals or targets to be accomplished by the end of this year. In some cases I was successful while in others I fell short. It’s important to keep things in perspective; when I set these goals, the economy was in a significantly different state. The goals ... Continue reading this article…

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My New Credit Card: Not for Credit

by Smithee

Every Tuesday, Smithee presents an article about his own experiences with credit cards and observations about the credit card industry. Two weeks ago I introduced you to a new credit card that offers 2 percent cash back that is deposited into a brokerage account. Then, a few hours later, I applied for the thing. In my ... Continue reading this article…

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Take Control of Your Finances Part 8: Set Savings Targets

by Luke Landes

Last week, I wrote about the importance of setting real life goals in order to take and maintain control of one’s own financial condition. It’s important to break past the idea that a life goal is based on money. For example, entering retirement with $4,000,000 is a good target, but it’s not a major goal. ... Continue reading this article…

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Coworkers Excited About Investing

by Luke Landes

In the sea of cubicles in my office, two of my coworkers were talking yesterday about their investments. As stocks — primarily our company stock — have increased a little from their recent lows, they seem to believe that this might be a good time to increase 401(k) contributions and enroll in the company stock ... Continue reading this article…

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