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A Look at The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner by David Bach

by Luke Landes

A while ago, I received an advance copy of The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner by David Bach. This was the first book by Bach that I’ve read, and I’ll share my opinion now.

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Time To Buy Gold Or Not?

by Luke Landes

The price of gold has been high. In fact, it hit a 25-year high recently. Everyone saying it’s time to buy and that prices will go only higher. Everyone is also warning investors to stay away. A pair of articles on MSN Money give you the option of choosing your point of view while having ... Continue reading this article…

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Good News If You’re Lance Armstrong

by Luke Landes

On the other hand, if you’re an investor in American Century mutual funds, you now have a good idea where your management fees and expense ratios go. Lance Armstrong has become the company’s celebrity spokesperson, and American Century’s bright marketing team will link the athlete’s struggle with cancer to “investing discipline.” American Century’s Equity Index ... Continue reading this article…

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My Money Mistake #1: Not Knowing My Net Worth

by Luke Landes

I share my personal experiences here to create a formal record of what I do. I can always come back to the website in the future and to some degree understand the choices I made. Consumerism Commentary allows me to remain honest with myself — and with thousands of readers. I’m not a finance expert, ... Continue reading this article…

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New Free $25 ShareBuilder Bonus

by Luke Landes

Updated June 24, 2010. ShareBuilder is offering a $25 bonus to new customers by using the promotional code “25WO10.” You get $25 to use to purchase whatever stock or ETF you like. I’ve had good experiences with a $50 bonus from ShareBuilder earlier, here and updated here. Here’s the deal on ShareBuilder for those who ... Continue reading this article…

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Roth 401(k) Not For Everyone

by Luke Landes

There’s a new retirement investing option being rolled out across the United States, the Roth 401(k). The new option allows you to take your after-tax income, invest in mutual funds or stocks, defer taxes on earnings, and begin untaxed withdrawals upon retirement. Since the limit in all 401(k) accounts per individual doesn’t change, if your ... Continue reading this article…

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A Look at Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

by Luke Landes

Last week, I finished reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s not really about personal finance; it’s about the accuracy of certain snap decisions. I read the book with the intent of relating its message to the topics I focus on here. Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking describes how some people have the ability ... Continue reading this article…

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The Carnival is Up!

by Luke Landes

Good morning! The Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Fat Pitch Financials! There are so many articles to choose from. When you’re done reading, don’t forget to check out the latest Carnival of Debt Reduction which I posted earlier this morning. More Carnivals should be published later this morning, but I’ll be taking care ... Continue reading this article…

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