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Carnival of Personal Finance #8

by Luke Landes

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance (basic introduction, schedule) and welcome to Consumerism Commentary (about, best of) to any new readers! This is the eighth installment of the Carnival. In this issue: Designer Pets. Free Money Finance discovers the latest craze for dog owners, crossing poodles with other breeds, giving us wonderful breednames ... Continue reading this article…

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Hands Off The 401(k)

by Luke Landes

Hewitt Associates, the same company that processes my company’s accounts payable, has performed a survey regarding 401(k)s. They discovered that almost half of workers leaving their jobs convert their 401(k)s to cash. This is despite the fact that in addition to income tax, there is a steep penalty (10 percent) for cashing out the tax-deferred retirement ... Continue reading this article…

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Money Clubs?

by Luke Landes

Marshall Loeb mentions the popularity of money clubs, akin to the investment clubs of the 1990s. Much like other sorts of support groups, money clubs offer the unique opportunity of belonging to a group of people with similar desires, who can encourage, inform and brow-beat you as needed. (This sounds very much like the community ... Continue reading this article…

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These Rules Don’t Work

by Luke Landes

I like this article from MarketWatch that presents five investing rules that don’t work. You may have heard these investing clichés before, but clichés come a dime a dozen: Subtract your age from 100 to determine the percentage of your investment that should be in stocks. This would present an overly conservative portfolio for most ... Continue reading this article…

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Paying Himself First

by Luke Landes

Mike Rogalski is featured as one of CNN’s Millionaires in the Making. He’s a civil engineer working for the U.S. Department of Defense in Florida, making $84,500 a year. He chooses not to take advantage of an IRA for retirement savings, instead investing $33,000 in stocks and mutual funds. With $105,000 already put away in ... Continue reading this article…

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Ignorance is Bliss

by Luke Landes

I noticed some great advice written by Seth Jayson from The Motley Fool today: Ignore the Experts. June sales numbers all over the map show that neither high-priced oil nor threat of housing bubble nor Michael Jackson acquittal can keep strong retailers from continuing to move their products. The Fool advises readers to turn off ... Continue reading this article…

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Today’s Articles of Interest

by Luke Landes

How Much Personal Liability Insurance Do You Need? The Motley Fool recommends covering yourself for how much you might have to lose if sued at the end of the term of insurance rather than how much you might lose if sued now. Are you an extreme saver? (For some reason, I’m reminded of the extreme ... Continue reading this article…

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Friday Reading

by Luke Landes

Here’s what I’m reading today, updated throughout the day as I feel like it. Jim Jubak sees a revolt pertaining to property taxes and the Alternative Minimum Tax. Prediction: Oil will either spike to $100 a barrel or it will drop. There is a third possibility that the price will do neither. In conclusion, no ... Continue reading this article…

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