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ING Direct’s Electric Orange Checking Account

by Luke Landes

As it was finally offered to me recently, I signed up for the new paperless checking account at ING Direct. Since I am a current customer of this particular bank, the account opening process was quick and straightforward. Right now, the account offers 0.20 percent APY interest on the first $50,000, which is great for a ... Continue reading this article…

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H&R Block Opens Virtual Tax Office

by Luke Landes

First, Reuters opened a news bureau in Second Life, a virtual reality game that people connect to through the internet to live out fantasy lives in the comfort of their own desk chairs. Now, while Congress is still trying to determine how to tax income in virtual worlds, H&R Block is joining the Land of ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekly Blog Roundup, Moving in Snow Edition

by Luke Landes

My little Civic got stuck in the snow in Queens no less than twice this weekend while helping my girlfriend move to a new location. I can’t say it was the best time of my life. Time Warner Cable showed up without any cable converter boxes, so that was a waste. This is the first ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival News

by Luke Landes

Monday’s Carnival of Personal Finance will be hosted by Lazy Man and Money on Monday. This week’s Carnival was hosted at Sun’s Financial Diary. There were some great articles, including 25 Reasons to Leave Your Job and What Lenders Talk About Isn’t Important, It’s What They Deliver. Hosting the Carnival can be a bit of ... Continue reading this article…

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How Easy is it to Beat the Market?

by Luke Landes

On one hand, we have brokers, or salespeople, who sell financial products designed to put the most money in the hands of the people who manage and sell said products. On the other hand, we have financial advisors who swear that for long-term investing, index funds will provide the best and safest return. The brokers ... Continue reading this article…

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Extreme Frugality: Living Out of Your Car

by Luke Landes

A few months ago, television watchers like myself were bombarded by commercials featuring a young man attempting to “live” out of his car for a few days. However, this guy has been doing it since July 2005. Andy Bussell lives out of his pickup truck, sleeping in the back. He wakes up, showers at the ... Continue reading this article…

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Money Advice From Meg Tilly: Chinese Takeout

by Luke Landes

Yesterday, I shared some quick quotations from celebrities about managing money. I liked what several of them had to say, but I’m focusing on Meg Tilly. Here’s part of what she said regarding her life after appearing in Fame. When I danced in “Fame” that was more money than I’d ever seen. It was like, ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekly Blog Roundup, Week Off Edition

by Luke Landes

I took this past week off from my day job to spend time with my girlfriend. The time was well spent, all though we were both under the weather for the entire mini-vacation. We did manage to drag ourselves to Philadelphia to visit and tour the Philadelphia Mint. Here are some highlights from around the ... Continue reading this article…

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