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Mistakes When Selling or Buying a House

by Luke Landes

Are you planning to buy or sell a house in 2006? Personally, I think 2007 or 2008 will be my year. Regardless, is presenting ten mistakes in real estate to avoid in 2006: * Not understanding the length of the buying/selling process. Patience pays off. * Exposing your hand. Contain your enthusiasm. * Skipping ... Continue reading this article…

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Mean National Prosperity

by Luke Landes

On Marketplace last night, Robert Reich talked about a cognitive disconnection regarding the American economy. While the country’s gross national product has been increasing, individuals (other than the top 20 percent) haven’t been seeing any benefits from the increased productivity. Usually increased productivity goes hand-in-hand with increased wealth. Rather than income and net worth increasing with ... Continue reading this article…

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Best Of 2005

by Luke Landes

As the year is coming to a close, and I will be less available over the next few days, the opportunity is perfect for taking a look at Consumerism Commentary and compiling a list of “best” (or most popular) entries from the year. This will be the 570th entry in 2005, but only a few ... Continue reading this article…

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Efficient and Frugal Food Shopping

by Luke Landes

This is an area in which I hope to make vast improvements in 2006: my eating, cooking and food shopping habits. At the end of the year, I’ll evaluate how much money I’ve spent on food this year. I already have a good idea of the amount based on my latest income statement (dining plus ... Continue reading this article…

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Suze Orman’s Tips For 2006, Part 4

by Luke Landes

This is the final part in a short series about Suze Orman’s advice for 2006, which is not about 2006, specifically. Watch Your Identity. There’s good advice here. Don’t pay for credit monitoring services because you can do it for free. Everyone in the United States is entitled to one free credit report from each ... Continue reading this article…

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Working Environments With High Health Risk

by Luke Landes

I had a frustrating morning with one of my bosses today. It was the kind of encounter where you have to get up and walk away for a few minutes to refocus. I stool in an empty conference room for some time, talking myself down from my crazy thoughts such as quitting before I had ... Continue reading this article…

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Resolutions for 2006

by Luke Landes

In December, I start to reflect on the year that’s almost complete and begin looking forward to new new year in which I can use the opportunity to resolve to improve some aspects of my life. Here are my resolutions. (These may change all the way up to December 31, so check back for updates!) ... Continue reading this article…

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Pope is Anti-Consumerist

by Luke Landes

The well spoken-of Pope Benedict is warning Christians about “rampant materialism” which he believes is diluting the Spirit of Christmas. The trouble with this statement is that it belies the initial spreading of the Christianity meme. Marketing has been a big part of Christianity since the early days of the religion, whether it involved spreading ... Continue reading this article…

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