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Wednesday Reading

by Luke Landes

Forbes takes a look at what the good life costs, with the “good life” being a nice house, good education for the kids, and a summer home. In the Northeast, my region of the country, it will cost at least $215,000 a year (after taxes and savings). That’s enough to make most families give up ... Continue reading this article…

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0% Balance Transfers

by Luke Landes

The 0 percent interest credit card balance transfer game is a popular one to play. I had first encountered the trend on the Motley Fool message boards a few years ago. The credit card companies are making these quick-money ideas a little more difficult to navigate, with rules that differ among the many different offers. According ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Personal Finance #1

by Luke Landes

Welcome to Consumerism Commentary and the Carnival of Personal Finance! For an introduction to the Carnival, read this entry. For a schedule of upcoming Carnivals and their hosts, see this article. Below you will find the articles that have been submitted so far. The deadline was originally set for Sunday night at 10:00pm, but any ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekend Reading

by Luke Landes

I caught several interesting articles from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. They’re good reads for the under-thirty set, like myself. Smartest Money Moves at Any Age offers advice about making the most out of your first job, what to do with finances when you get married, some tips for buying a first home, thoughts about having children, ... Continue reading this article…

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Thursday Reading

by Luke Landes

So far, I’ve received one submission for Carnival of Personal Finance. Remember to send your submissions in before Sunday night. Here are the articles I’m reading today: Kids get more expensive for their parents as they get older, and this article enumerates the costs of a teen-ager. Sports or music, food, orthodontia, and a plethora ... Continue reading this article…

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Generous USians

by Luke Landes

A new report by the Giving USA Foundation announces that charitable giving incerased 5 percent to almost $250 billion in 2004, and that doesn’t even take most of the tsunami relief into account. The two categories of organizations receiving the largest amounts of contributions are religious groups and education. Smaller organizations were more likely than ... Continue reading this article…

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40-Year Mortgages

by Luke Landes

According to an article on MSN Money, 40-year mortgages are about to become mainstream. Forty-year mortgages have lower monthly payments than their 30-year cousins, although they cost more over the life of the loan because the borrower pays interest for 10 years longer. With the lower monthly payments, they are seen as a tool to ... Continue reading this article…

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Monday’s Links

by Luke Landes

These will be updated throughout the day if I find anything interesting online: * What’s the Worst Ad Song Ever? A Slate article takes suggestions from the audience for most cognitively dissonant commercial. * Citigroup loses 3.9 million customers’ information while in transit. Free Wall Street Journal article here. * Jacquelyn Tran had an idea ... Continue reading this article…

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