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Outsourcing Your Entire Life

by Luke Landes

Big corporations have seen the financial benefits of outsourcing, but according to this article in Esquire, individuals can enjoy the less stressful life that shipping tasks overseas provides. The writer of the article hired a firm from India to handle administrative tasks at first, but the relationship took on a new meaning when the tasks ... Continue reading this article…

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Purchased a Bed

by Luke Landes

I made a purchase yesterday that will hopefully improve the quality of my life considerably. My girlfriend and I decided to split the cost of a new bed. For the last several years, I’ve been sleeping on a twenty year old bed. I purchased the mattress, box spring, and frame from the father of a ... Continue reading this article…

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Bigger Than Life

by Luke Landes

The founder of PeopleSoft is looking to build a three story, 72,000 square foot mansion in California. That’s about the size of Bill Gates’ and Michael Dell’s homes combined. It’s also bigger than the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Hearst Castle, and the White House. What do millionaires do with all that space? That’s a good ... Continue reading this article…

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It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Spend. Whaa?

by Luke Landes

A little tidbit gurus like to throw around is the first part of the phrase in the title of this entry. The second part is the sound Seth Green uttered as the voice of the character Chris Griffin in the new episode of Family Guy that was on earlier tonight. “It’s not what you make, ... Continue reading this article…

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What Are You Afraid Of?

by Luke Landes

CNN Money has an extensive feature on how general consensus is wrong again. The articles look at the biggest money fears, how they may be unreasonable, and what should worry the public instead. Here are the first three from the series. The remaining three appear in a follow-up post here at Consuermsim Commentary. While Americans ... Continue reading this article…

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Deciding to Go Back to School

by Luke Landes

Once in a while, we talk about the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree here (see Is the MBA Worthwhile? and Good Time to Be an MBA). Free Money Finance had a discussion this week about going back to school as well. How do you know if going back to school is the right thing ... Continue reading this article…

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Emergency Funds, Doing Okay?

by Luke Landes

We hear all the time how Americans are not saving enough for emergencies. The “Emergency Fund” is heralded as the first step in getting a sound financial footing, before thoughts about investing in stocks or making large purchases enter the brain. The idea of putting aside cash for a (very) rainy day has been a ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekend Accomplishments

by Luke Landes

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. It’s been a difficult time for thousands of people with regard to the Katrina catastrophe. I hope every reader and their families are safe. Sometimes, we have to remember that there are more important things in life than reading and writing blogs. Before I left for the weekend, ... Continue reading this article…

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