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If All Investments Are Expensive, Where Can You Invest?

by Luke Landes

Neil Irwin at the New York Times points out that all asset classes around the world are expensive compared to their historical prices. If that’s the case, is there any investment class available that has the potential to provide great returns over the long-term? Stocks and bonds; emerging markets and advanced economies; urban office towers ... Continue reading this article…

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If You Don’t Like Your Job, Get Another One

by Luke Landes
Fluffy Clouds

This “duh” advice is handed out frequently, but it may not be applicable to everyone who hears it.

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What Is the Best Savings Rate?

by Luke Landes
Piggy Bank via Flickr

People like rules of thumb and quick answers. When a complicated question can be answered by an authority with a simple response, the reaction is likely to be one of two possibilities: a feeling of well-being and satisfaction if the questioner is meeting the requirements, or motivation to improve if the ideal situation is not ... Continue reading this article…

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Self-Proclaimed Experts and Other Potential Bad Choices

by Luke Landes
Expert [via Flickr]

Who do you know that calls himself or herself an expert in order to gain customers? Should you avoid people who market themselves aggressively in this fashion?

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Naked With Cash: Betsey S, May 2014

by Luke Landes
Betsey - Naked With Cash 2014

Betsey S presents her latest financial reports and analysis for Naked With Cash.

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What I Learned on Father’s Day

by Luke Landes
Father's Day

I met my dad for dinner on Father’s Day earlier this month, and we had a deep and somewhat difficult discussion.

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Naked With Cash: Laura and Leon, May 2014

by Luke Landes
Laura and Leon - Naked With Cash

Laura and Leon offer their latest financial update for Naked With Cash, a series on Consumerism Commentary where readers track their finances.

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Naked With Cash: Brian, May 2014

by Luke Landes
Brian - Naked With Cash

Brian offers his family’s latest financial update for the Naked With Cash series on Consumerism Commentary.

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