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Podcast 137: Shiny Objects

by Luke Landes

Today on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Bryan J Busch talks to Dr. James Roberts, author of the book Shiny Objects. They discuss the staggering frequency of commercials in daily life, how it’s easier to avoid than resist the temptation to shop, and the convincing argument that money and possessions don’t make people any happier. Consumerism ... Continue reading this article…

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Why Americans Take Fewer Vacation Days

by Luke Landes
Beach Vacation

In most workplaces throughout the United States, employees receive vacation days to use every year as a benefit, and in some cases, unused vacation days expire at the end of the year. According to the latest survey by Expedia, on average, Americans earned 14 vacation days this year but used only 12. While the survey ... Continue reading this article…

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Spirituality and Money: How to Make Holiday Gifts Meaningful

by Ellen Cooper-Davis
Gift Present

This article is written by Consumerism Commentary’s columnist, Ellen Cooper-Davis. Ellen’s column looks at the role of spirituality within the context of personal finance. For an introduction to this column, see Ellen’s first article, The Pastor and the Purse. Your feedback is welcome. We know by reports of the annual feeding frenzy that the gift-giving ... Continue reading this article…

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How to Spend Money on Fun

by Luke Landes
Fun Snowboarding

The point of accumulating and saving money is not to die with the most money in the bank. Yes, it can be helpful to your heirs to leave a fortune for the next generation, but not at the expense of living a fulfilled life yourself. There are many opinions about what it means to live ... Continue reading this article…

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One Black Friday Tip to Rule Them All: Buy Nothing

by Luke Landes

For those in the United States, tradition and media influence have established today as a day for spending time with family, over-eating, and watching television. What could be more American than Thanksgiving Day? Fast becoming a tradition for consumers is Black Friday (and to a lesser extent Cyber Monday). Retailers have discovered a tendency to ... Continue reading this article…

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Boost Your Human Capital: Start Early

by Luke Landes

Your human capital is just as important as your financial capital. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider your human capital, your potential to become financially independent over time, more important than your net worth at any one particular time. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing in depth about ways to ... Continue reading this article…

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American Express’s Small Business Saturday

by Luke Landes
American Express

I’ve avoided writing about Black Friday this year. In the community I follow, promoting the day after Thanksgiving for shopping has gotten completely out of hand. I wrote an article for PC World a few years ago, The Insider’s Guide to Black Friday Bargains, where the tips are still relevant for today’s shoppers. I’m not ... Continue reading this article…

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Podcast 135: Discardia

by Luke Landes

Today on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Bryan speaks with Dinah Sanders, author of Discardia: More Life, Less Stuff. Discardia is a holiday, a philosophy, and now a book that explains why life is more stressful as a result of having too much stuff, or the wrong kind of stuff. The book is filled with advice ... Continue reading this article…

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