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Degrees With Low Salaries: How to Beat the Odds

by Luke Landes

Eleven years ago or so I began my career with my bachelor’s degree in hand. Once I stabilized a little, I had a job with one of the top organizations in the world. It was a non-profit organization, and despite its prestige, it was a non-profit organization with staffing nightmares and horrific cash flow. My ... Continue reading this article…

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Finding a Good Job in a Bad Economy: A Job Hunt Post-Mortem

by Revanche

This is a guest article by Revanche, a twenty-something west coast girl who writes about money at A Gai Shan Life. You’ve all heard that line about not burning professional bridges, right? That goes double or even triple for job interviews. I started my job hunt 20 months ago — as soon as there were ... Continue reading this article…

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Facial Recognition and Billboards

by Smithee

I have a fascinated/disgusted relationship with targeted advertisements. On one hand, I’ve seen enough Playtex commercials in my lifetime that I could probably draw you their logo from memory, and I’ve never been in the position to decide, “should I buy the Playtex version, or a different brand?” All those ads in my face have ... Continue reading this article…

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Consumerism Commentary Podcast

by Luke Landes

The Consumerism Commentary Podcast is a weekly personal finance show, hosted by both Tom Dziubek, a former podcaster with the Wall Street Journal, and Jay Frosting, who started his first podcast in 2005 for fans of novelty rock music. Each week, the show offers commentary about money management, getting out of debt, budgeting, consumer issues, ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Debt Reduction: Tips via Twitter Edition

by Luke Landes

Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a traveling weekly roundup of the best articles in the blogosphere covering credit cards, consumer debt, mortgages, and the elimination thereof. Here is more information about the Carnival of Debt Reduction, founded by Mighty Bargain Hunter. Through this past week, many bloggers submitted articles to be featured in ... Continue reading this article…

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Donating Old Clothing and Blog Roundup

by Luke Landes

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone through my clothing and eliminated items which are no longer appropriate for wear. For most of my life so far, my habit of keeping clothes for a long time — until recently, I still had a few items left from high school (1994) — was out of ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Debt Reduction #141: Enemies of the Doctor

by Luke Landes

Welcome to Consumerism Commentary for the 141st edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction! This carnival is a traveling showcase of the best articles about the process of eliminating debt. Submissions are normally accepted from one week prior to the release of the edition and come from various blogs. The theme for this week is ... Continue reading this article…

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Using Fame to Promote an Issue: A Reponsibility or Uncouth?

by Luke Landes

You’ve seen it before. Perhaps you’re watching the Academy Awards and expecting the winner of Best Supporting Access to give a quick acceptance speech thanking her cast, director, crew, and family, but perhaps she takes more time to pontificate about human rights, war, or politics. Most people I know groan when yet another entertainment superstar ... Continue reading this article…

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