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Using Fame to Promote an Issue: A Reponsibility or Uncouth?

by Luke Landes

You’ve seen it before. Perhaps you’re watching the Academy Awards and expecting the winner of Best Supporting Access to give a quick acceptance speech thanking her cast, director, crew, and family, but perhaps she takes more time to pontificate about human rights, war, or politics. Most people I know groan when yet another entertainment superstar ... Continue reading this article…

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8 Tips for a Unsuccessful Office Holiday Party

by Luke Landes

If your office is like mine, you celebrate the holidays (but primarily Christmas) with a gift exchange of some sort as well as a party. I’ve found the office holiday experience to be hit or miss. Now, with the help of NBC’s The Office, here are some pointers for making December in the workplace awkward, ... Continue reading this article…

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Pop Star Follies Part 2: Michael Jackson’s Foreclosure

by Luke Landes

We’ve been discussing Britney Spears’ reported poor financial management strategy lately. A recent court report described her overspending and lack of investment, although this may have been a part of her spousal support strategy. She must have financial advisers on her payroll, right? There must be more to the story. Nevertheless, I’m not stepping up ... Continue reading this article…

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Seminar This Weekend: The Road to Financial Success

by Luke Landes

I was stuck in traffic this morning, so I turned off my music and tuned to my state’s “own radio station,” New Jersey 101.5 FM to listen to the traffic report. I was hoping to determine how long I’d have to be sitting in my car before arriving at work. Before the traffic report, the ... Continue reading this article…

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Financial Lessons from Television Fiction: The Office

by Luke Landes

Now that my new cable company is providing me with the works for less than $15 a month, including a digital video recorder, I find myself wasting more time watching television while doing other work. One of the shows I can’t get enough of is The Office. While the characters are a bit exaggerated, there ... Continue reading this article…

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Five Couples Living on $46k, Number 2: The Thibaults

by Luke Landes

Here is the second couple featured by CNN Money in their series about five couples living on an income of $46,000 a year. Michael Thibault is an insurance claims adjuster and Lisa Thibault works part-time. Together, they may earn about $60,000 this year in Indianapolis, Indiana. That seems to put them at an income significantly ... Continue reading this article…

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Three Books for Perfect Negotiation Skills

by Luke Landes

If you’re looking to hone your negotiation skills, whether in business life or family life, you may want to considering starting with these three new books, recommended by the New York Times. The Power of a Positive No: How to Say No and Still Get to Yes, by William L. Ury. “Mr. Ury believes that ... Continue reading this article…

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Congratulations to Matt, Winner of The Maui Millionaires!

by Luke Landes

Last week I started a contest to give away my copy of The Maui Millionaires by David Finkel and Diane Kennedy. I didn’t exactly give the book a glowing review, but there might be some value for someone else. (Plus, it’s free!) There were 40 entries, and the only requirement was to name someone whose ... Continue reading this article…

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