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Outsourcing Your Entire Life

by Luke Landes

Big corporations have seen the financial benefits of outsourcing, but according to this article in Esquire, individuals can enjoy the less stressful life that shipping tasks overseas provides. The writer of the article hired a firm from India to handle administrative tasks at first, but the relationship took on a new meaning when the tasks ... Continue reading this article…

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Bigger Than Life

by Luke Landes

The founder of PeopleSoft is looking to build a three story, 72,000 square foot mansion in California. That’s about the size of Bill Gates’ and Michael Dell’s homes combined. It’s also bigger than the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Hearst Castle, and the White House. What do millionaires do with all that space? That’s a good ... Continue reading this article…

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New York City Salaries

by Luke Landes

I heard this on the radio yesterday, but I couldn’t find it online as I was looking at the wrong magazine. (It appeared in New York Magazine, not The New Yorker.) If you’ve ever wanted a good idea of how much money various people in New York City make, New York Magazine has conducted an ... Continue reading this article…

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Ignorance is Bliss

by Luke Landes

I noticed some great advice written by Seth Jayson from The Motley Fool today: Ignore the Experts. June sales numbers all over the map show that neither high-priced oil nor threat of housing bubble nor Michael Jackson acquittal can keep strong retailers from continuing to move their products. The Fool advises readers to turn off ... Continue reading this article…

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Today’s Articles of Interest

by Luke Landes

How Much Personal Liability Insurance Do You Need? The Motley Fool recommends covering yourself for how much you might have to lose if sued at the end of the term of insurance rather than how much you might lose if sued now. Are you an extreme saver? (For some reason, I’m reminded of the extreme ... Continue reading this article…

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