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Account Balances, May 2005

by Luke Landes

Below are my account balances for the end of May, 2005. The balances are displayed next to the two previous months as well as May, 2004 for comparison. I’m slowly making my way, despite May’s net worth being a little lower than April’s. Some notes: * There is a value listed for my 2004 Honda ... Continue reading this article…

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Is The MBA Worthwhile?

by Luke Landes

Loyal readers may recall that I’ve been working on my MBA (master of business administration) degree through the University of Phoenix Online. Other MBA students from more traditional graduate schools are often surprised when I describe the amount of work required for the degree. I have a little less than a year left if I ... Continue reading this article…

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Working Class Millionaires

by Luke Landes

I’ve decided to make a slight change in my savings habits, and coincidentally, there’s an article on CNN Money that mentions the same technique. It’s the latest feature in CNN Money’s “Millionaires in the Making” series: Mark and Lori Gorney. The article notes that their story isn’t the typical money-making-via-real-estate tale, which is a good ... Continue reading this article…

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Investing Scams

by Luke Landes

CNN Money is running a story about the most popular investment scams. Similar stories are being run on MSN Money and Bankrate as well. In fact, the story is everywhere. Here are the top ten scams, as measured by the North American Securities Administrators Association. The links below provide more information on each of these ... Continue reading this article…

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How Much To Be Rich?

by Luke Landes

How you choose to spend your money has something to do with how wealthy (or poor) you feel. If you’re constantly confusing need with desire (desire to keep up, desire to have the latest and greatest, desire to show off), chances are you’ll never feel rich enough. This article tells the reader what he already ... Continue reading this article…

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