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New Personal Finance Blog on the Horizon?

by Luke Landes

Weblogs, Inc. will apparently be starting a personal finance blog, most likely with the hopes of generating ad revenue. I’ll be keeping my eyes open to see what direction their blog takes. It makes sense; personal finance blogs have received some friendly press from the Wall Street Journal print and online editions lately. A smart ... Continue reading this article…

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Contrarian Attitude to Investing

by Luke Landes

I don’t normally read Charles E. Kirk but I do have The Kirk Report in my RSS feed reader, so once in a while, I might come across something in which I find myself very interested. Today, Charles mentioned an article he wrote more than a year and a half ago called Walking a Stock ... Continue reading this article…

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McMansions and McBacklash

by Luke Landes

Backlash is growing against McMansions, especially in communities where there isn’t enough room for them, according to Les Christie from CNN. Personally, I’d rather have a smaller house on a larger lot than a larger house on a smaller lot. According to this article, in 1950 the average new house was 963 square feet and ... Continue reading this article…

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Welcome Again to WSJ Readers

by Luke Landes

Once again, Consumerism Commentary was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. Welcome to any new readers! (Of course, it would have been helpful if the online article contained hyperlinks to all the websites mentioned.) Updates have been a little slow over the past seven days as I had been on vacation and am now trying ... Continue reading this article…

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Back to New Jersey

by Luke Landes

A short while ago we arrived home in New Jersey from our vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia. More on that later. It would take me a year to catch up on the messages posted on personal finance blogs in the last five days, but I should mention at the very least that the Carnival of Personal ... Continue reading this article…

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Competitive Online Bank Accounts

by Luke Landes

For those who read this blog — or, for that matter, any blog dealing with personal finance — there are no suprises in this article from CNN Money, Online savings accounts duke it out. The article discusses ING Direct and its newer rivals in the higher-interest online-only savings bank scene, Emigrant Direct and HSBC. An ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Personal Finance #8

by Luke Landes

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance (basic introduction, schedule) and welcome to Consumerism Commentary (about, best of) to any new readers! This is the eighth installment of the Carnival. In this issue: Designer Pets. Free Money Finance discovers the latest craze for dog owners, crossing poodles with other breeds, giving us wonderful breednames ... Continue reading this article…

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Ride of the Valkyries

by Luke Landes

Jonathan compiled a list of cars owned by personal finance and money-related bloggers. It’s a neat list. He doesn’t say whether the cars are bought with cash, financed, or leased, but I’m sure not everyone shares that information. I’m probably one of the few people on the list who bought a new car, against most ... Continue reading this article…

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