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What Is the Best Savings Rate?

by Luke Landes
Piggy Bank via Flickr

People like rules of thumb and quick answers. When a complicated question can be answered by an authority with a simple response, the reaction is likely to be one of two possibilities: a feeling of well-being and satisfaction if the questioner is meeting the requirements, or motivation to improve if the ideal situation is not ... Continue reading this article…

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Self-Proclaimed Experts and Other Potential Bad Choices

by Luke Landes
Expert [via Flickr]

Who do you know that calls himself or herself an expert in order to gain customers? Should you avoid people who market themselves aggressively in this fashion?

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1 in 5 credit reports have errors: Is yours one of them?

by Lin Yang

A February 2013 study by the Federal Trade Commission found that one in five credit reports contains errors. Over the past decade, savvy Americans have learned that their credit score is the most important aspect of getting credit. They also know that the credit score is derived from the credit report. To get the best ... Continue reading this article…

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Naked With Cash: Betsey S, May 2014

by Luke Landes
Betsey - Naked With Cash 2014

Betsey S presents her latest financial reports and analysis for Naked With Cash.

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What I Learned on Father’s Day

by Luke Landes
Father's Day

I met my dad for dinner on Father’s Day earlier this month, and we had a deep and somewhat difficult discussion.

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How United’s Frequent Flier Program Change Affects Travelers

by Luke Landes
United Airlines

United Airlines is making significant changes to its MileagePlus frequent flier program. Here’s how your points will change.

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Don’t Be Taken Advantage Of When You Refinance

by Lin Yang

You’ve defined your refinancing goals – but making the wrong choices before you refinance could prevent you from getting the lowest mortgage rate, weighing you down for years with a large monthly payment or private mortgage insurance (PMI). How can you steer the process and get lenders to offer you their best mortgage rate? Position ... Continue reading this article…

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Can “The Rich” Teach Us Anything About Money Philosophy?

by Luke Landes
Model T Ford

I can think of two fairly recent instances in publishing that elucidate just how “the rich” or “the one percent” are different from everyone else, and we should all do ourselves a favor by studying their approach to money so we, too, can be monetarily wealthy. Steve Siebold wrote a book, How Rich People Think, ... Continue reading this article…

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