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Carnival of Investing #3

by Luke Landes

Welcome to Consumerism Commentary, this week’s host of the Carnival of Investing! The Carnival of Investing is a new Blog Carnival that collects the best blog entries in the past week or so that focus on the topic of investing. In the words of Mr. B. Rhymes, c’mon, c’mon, let’s get to it.

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My Investment Holdings

by Luke Landes

I was wondering how my investments were doing this year, so I whipped up a table. It appears my managed funds have generally outperformed my index fund. Some notes: * My 401(k) was recently rebalanced (it’s automatic on a quarterly basis). * The YTD Return is annualized based on either the most recent information or ... Continue reading this article…

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Predictive Product Markets

by Luke Landes

If you like stock market games and products, you’ll probably get a kick out of Smarkets. This website allows you to create an account with $10,000 which can be used for trading products whose prices change based on sales rank. I created a trading account and I’ve begun adding some products. As far as ... Continue reading this article…

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Revisiting The Housing Bubble, Part 1

by Luke Landes

Fortune Magazine is taking a look at the hotly-debated housing bubble and offers some questions that homeowners should be asking in times of market uncertainty. Is it time to cash out? The article praises one family’s attempt to get out of the real estate market ahead of others who may do the same — mostly ... Continue reading this article…

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Suze Orman’s Tips For 2006, Part 2

by Luke Landes

Here are more tips for ’06 from Suze Orman, continuing a short series. Go for a Roth IRA. Fund your Roth IRA to the maximum of $4,000 (or $5,000 if you’re over 50 years old) if possible and if you qualify. Suze suggests paying off credit card debt first, and I agree. Also, fund your ... Continue reading this article…

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Suze Orman’s Tips For 2006, Part 1

by Luke Landes

I’m not the biggest fan of Suze Orman. I’ve seen her show and I don’t like the way she talks to her callers, even if they deserve a little berating. I don’t agree with all of her advice, such her suggestions for young workers in the advertising industry in New York. If I remember correctly, ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival Monday

by Luke Landes

Good morning! I had a generally relaxing weekend, and I hope you did as well. I posted this weekend about NutriSystem’s stock and my holiday shopping. Monday is Carnival Day (for the most part) and Political Calculations is hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance. My entry on Flexible Spending Accounts is included. Also, You Need ... Continue reading this article…

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2005′s Strongest Stock

by Luke Landes

NutriSystem [NTRI] climbed 1,500 percent this year. That’s an amazing climb. I expect that it would be impossible to keep that momentum up, but if you happened to buy NutriSystem at the beginning of the year, you’d be a happy person now. NutriSystem’s customer base is huge. Also, there are many of these customers, as the ... Continue reading this article…

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