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Foreign Exchange Trading

by Luke Landes

An article in the Wall Street Journal, Currency Markets Draw Speculation, Fraud [free], talks about day trading in the foreign exchange market. The story focuses on Marc Coppola, one of my favorite Q104.3 DJs, who apparently also dabbles in trading foreign currency. To summarize, this type of trading has grown in popularity despite its risk. ... Continue reading this article…

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These Rules Don’t Work

by Luke Landes

I like this article from MarketWatch that presents five investing rules that don’t work. You may have heard these investing clichés before, but clichés come a dime a dozen: Subtract your age from 100 to determine the percentage of your investment that should be in stocks. This would present an overly conservative portfolio for most ... Continue reading this article…

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Paying Himself First

by Luke Landes

Mike Rogalski is featured as one of CNN’s Millionaires in the Making. He’s a civil engineer working for the U.S. Department of Defense in Florida, making $84,500 a year. He chooses not to take advantage of an IRA for retirement savings, instead investing $33,000 in stocks and mutual funds. With $105,000 already put away in ... Continue reading this article…

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Letting Terror Affect Your Investment Strategy

by Luke Landes

When terror strikes, it’s easy to think about September 11 and the poor performance of the stock market following the event. It may be better to wait this one out before running for the hills and cashing out. It’s better not to make hasty decisions based on world events. CNN Money offers that same advice. ... Continue reading this article…

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Another Week, Another Carnival

by Luke Landes

Carnival of Personal Finance #3 is online at AllThingsFinancial. Some interesting posts to highlight: Alphabet Soup, a guide to the different professional designations in finance. Nickel warns people to think before writing a check in a world where there is a hot black market for personal banking information. On AllThingsFinancial, JLP teacher us how to ... Continue reading this article…

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Friday Reading

by Luke Landes

Here’s what I’m reading today, updated throughout the day as I feel like it. Jim Jubak sees a revolt pertaining to property taxes and the Alternative Minimum Tax. Prediction: Oil will either spike to $100 a barrel or it will drop. There is a third possibility that the price will do neither. In conclusion, no ... Continue reading this article…

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by Luke Landes

Carnival Update: We now have three submissions for the inaugural Carnival of Personal Finance. If you’re a blogger and you’ve written about personal finance recently, feel free to submit a link to an article you’re proud of! At work, we had a division meeting with our vice chairman today. Basically, the company is in good ... Continue reading this article…

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How To Teach Your Kids About Money

by Luke Landes

Jonathan Clements from the Wall Street Journal offers some advice, or his experiences as an example, for teaching children about money management. (By the way, this article can be accessed for free, unlike most of the Wall Street Journal Online.) The first rule of writing these types of articles is “Know your audience.” And Jonathan ... Continue reading this article…

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