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Mr. Housing Bubble

by Luke Landes

Whether or not there exists a housing bubble, t-shirthumor.com stands to win with a hot t-shirt design that’s affordable for any over-extended homeowner facing foreclosure. The design is a box of “Mr. Housing Bubble” soap with a “Free Balloon Mortgage Inside” and a tagline inviting you to take a bath in the real estate market. ... Continue reading this article…

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Your Money Is Dumb

by Luke Landes

(It’s all right, mine is, too.) Here’s a lovely article from Slate, You and Your Dumb Money. The author succinctly explains the difference between smart investors and dumb: Smart money (big-time hedge-fund managers, private-equity honchos, leveraged buyout kings) reliably outperforms the market. Dumb money (individual investors, the sort of people who casually watch CNBC for ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Personal Finance #8

by Luke Landes

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance (basic introduction, schedule) and welcome to Consumerism Commentary (about, best of) to any new readers! This is the eighth installment of the Carnival. In this issue: Designer Pets. Free Money Finance discovers the latest craze for dog owners, crossing poodles with other breeds, giving us wonderful breednames ... Continue reading this article…

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Balance Sheet, July, 2005

by Luke Landes

I apologize for the lack of updates today. I’ve been completely swamped at work, as things tend to be at the beginning and the end of the month. There’s a new supervisor in my department, and I’ve been showing him the ropes. The table that follows is my latest personal balance sheet, as of July ... Continue reading this article…

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The Golden Ratio and the Market

by Luke Landes

There are a lot of crazy theories about movements of the stock market. Take a look at Elliott Waves for instance. Supporters believe the tenets of Elliott Wave Analysis like a religion, while those who disagree believe the theory is bunk. Have you ever heard of the golden ratio? It is related to the Fibonacci ... Continue reading this article…

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Peek Into Supreme Court Nominee’s Portfolio

by Luke Landes

Slate has an interesting article on Supreme Court nominee John Roberts’ portfolio. Can you tell an individual by his or her investments? Most of the article talks about Roberts’ stock holdings (Coca Cola [KO], AT&T [T], XM [XMSR]), but it also mentions that his bank accounts amount for the largest portion of his holdings, between ... Continue reading this article…

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Foreign Exchange Trading

by Luke Landes

An article in the Wall Street Journal, Currency Markets Draw Speculation, Fraud [free], talks about day trading in the foreign exchange market. The story focuses on Marc Coppola, one of my favorite Q104.3 DJs, who apparently also dabbles in trading foreign currency. To summarize, this type of trading has grown in popularity despite its risk. ... Continue reading this article…

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These Rules Don’t Work

by Luke Landes

I like this article from MarketWatch that presents five investing rules that don’t work. You may have heard these investing clichés before, but clichés come a dime a dozen: Subtract your age from 100 to determine the percentage of your investment that should be in stocks. This would present an overly conservative portfolio for most ... Continue reading this article…

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