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Naked With Cash: Laura and Leon, May 2014

by Luke Landes
Laura and Leon - Naked With Cash

Laura and Leon offer their latest financial update for Naked With Cash, a series on Consumerism Commentary where readers track their finances.

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Naked With Cash: Jake and Allie, May 2014

by Luke Landes
Jake and Allie - Naked With Cash

Jake and Allie present their latest financial reports for the series Naked With Cash.

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5 Tips for Paying for Health Care During Early Retirement

by Luke Landes
Nurse and Patient via Flickr

The issue of healthcare is one that keeps people in jobs far longer than they’d like. I’ve seen up close how someone with chronic health issues must deal with these choices, and in certain situations, the choices can be difficult. Medicare coverage doesn’t begin until age 65, so where does that leave someone who stops ... Continue reading this article…

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How United’s Frequent Flier Program Change Affects Travelers

by Luke Landes
United Airlines

United Airlines is making significant changes to its MileagePlus frequent flier program. Here’s how your points will change.

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Don’t Be Taken Advantage Of When You Refinance

by Lin Yang

You’ve defined your refinancing goals – but making the wrong choices before you refinance could prevent you from getting the lowest mortgage rate, weighing you down for years with a large monthly payment or private mortgage insurance (PMI). How can you steer the process and get lenders to offer you their best mortgage rate? Position ... Continue reading this article…

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5 Ways to Rock Your Refinance

by Lin Yang

Sponsored by If you’re like most homeowners looking to refinance, you want to get through the process quickly and easily – but your real goal is to secure the lowest mortgage rate available. Whether you want to reduce your monthly payment or shorten your loan term, you can totally rock your refinance if you ... Continue reading this article…

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One Simple Trick to Save Big On Your Mortgage

by Lin Yang

By: Yael Grauer According to a 2012 study* performed for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, comparing multiple quotes can save you big. The study found that someone borrowing $200,000 saves thousands simply by considering 4 mortgage quotes. That’s why it’s important to understand how to become a “savvy shopper” and find the best ... Continue reading this article…

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Can “The Rich” Teach Us Anything About Money Philosophy?

by Luke Landes
Model T Ford

I can think of two fairly recent instances in publishing that elucidate just how “the rich” or “the one percent” are different from everyone else, and we should all do ourselves a favor by studying their approach to money so we, too, can be monetarily wealthy. Steve Siebold wrote a book, How Rich People Think, ... Continue reading this article…

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