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3 Ways Waiters Can Steal Your Credit Card Information

by Luke Landes

The Real Hustle is a BBC show that describes how criminals, scammers, hustlers, and average tricksters manage to fool everyday people in typical situations. The three Hustlers — confidence trickster Alexis Conran, scam artist Paul Wilson and ‘sexy swindler’ Jessica Clement — carry out notorious scams on unsuspecting members of the public to reveal how ... Continue reading this article…

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Giveaway: Free Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.0

by Luke Landes

This giveaway is now over. I have a copy of Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.0 to give away. I’ve never used the software before, so I can’t provide any reviews. I don’t see owning rental properties in my near future, so I’d like to send the CD-ROM off to someone who will be able to ... Continue reading this article…

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McDonald’s Subliminal Advertising on Iron Chef

by Luke Landes

I didn’t think the frame insertion technique of subliminal advertising was still being used, at least not with a hint of irony. Of all things, for some reason Iron Chef or Food Network dropped a frame or two of a McDonald’s logo into their show recently. That is, of course, unless this is a hoax. ... Continue reading this article…

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How Easy is it to Beat the Market?

by Luke Landes

On one hand, we have brokers, or salespeople, who sell financial products designed to put the most money in the hands of the people who manage and sell said products. On the other hand, we have financial advisors who swear that for long-term investing, index funds will provide the best and safest return. The brokers ... Continue reading this article…

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Monthly Reminder: Susbscribe to Consumerism Commentary

by Luke Landes

Here’s a great way to ensure you won’t miss anything at Consumerism Commentary. It’s easy to subscribe to our RSS feed in your favorite feed reader, like Bloglines, or get newest blog entries in your email inbox. It’s all about convenience. And by the way, the RSS feeds contain full entries so you never even ... Continue reading this article…

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Great News Footage of Rats in New York KFC/Taco Bell

by Luke Landes

This has been a hot story on the local news, and I don’t know if it’s reached the rest of the country. As people walked by the storefront of a KFC/Taco Bell restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York City, they could clearly see the fast food place infested by rats. Rats are common in this ... Continue reading this article…

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Survey Says: More Money Leads to Better Sex

by Luke Landes

If this doesn’t motivate you to raise your net worth, I couldn’t tell you what does. According to this research, having more money means you’re having more adventurous and exotic sex. The numbers look even better for women. In the survey, three-quarters of men cited more frequent sex and a greater variety of partners as ... Continue reading this article…

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Quicken Hack: How to Track Airline Miles or Points

by Luke Landes

One of the features I liked when I used Microsoft Money was the ability to track airline miles or points. I didn’t accumulate many, but it was good to see what I had available in one place rather than going to the individual airline websites. I switched to Quicken and I was disappointed to find ... Continue reading this article…

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