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Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards at Plastic Jungle

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Updated: Plastic Jungle is no longer in operation.

Whether you’re giving or receiving gift cards, it’s usually a pretty positive experience. Both the giver and receiver are often satisfied because most gift cards allow the receiver to spend money in the way they want, as long as the giver has taken the receiver’s interests into account.

Sometimes a gift card can miss the mark. If you have ever received a gift card that is not useful to you, you might be familiar with the frustration. Rather than spend money on something you don’t want and more importantly don’t need, take a look at Plastic Jungle and cash in your unwanted gift cards. is an online marketplace for everything related to gift cards. If you have gift cards you need to sell, Plastic Jungle will buy them from you for up to 92% of their value. If you need to buy gift cards, you can do that as well, and often for a significant discount.

Even though this service is fairly new, the merchants serviced by Plastic Jungle number in the hundreds. If your gift card is from a national retailer or restaurant, they will gladly accept it. In the rare chance that no offers are provided for your gift card, you always have the option of using eBay to sell your gift card at auction.

Selling your gift card with Plastic Jungle is simple. All you need to do is enter the following information:

  • Gift card merchant name
  • Gift card amount ($25 minimum is required)

After you’ve completed these quick steps, Plastic Jungle will show you their offers for purchasing the gift card from you. If one of the offers is appealing, accept the offer. The service has several options for paying you for your card. The PayPal option provides an instant payment to your bank account, while a check will take a few days to process. Plastic Jungle pays for postage, so mailing in your gift card to the site is free.

Buying gift cards is just as easy. When visiting Plastic Jungle, you’ll see a long list of gift cards for sale from hundreds of merchants. Each gift card is discounted up to 20% off its face value, and purchasing a card is simple and straightforward. Provide your credit card information to complete the purchase. In a few days, your gift card is on its way. Like the gift cards that you sell to the site, gift cards you buy from this service will be shipped for free.

If you find yourself in the frustrating position of having a gift card you won’t use, check out You might find a help someone who can use the card and earn some cash at the same time.

Updated April 20, 2017 and originally published December 31, 2010.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Flexo, this is great, I can’t believe I never heard of it. I’m all about stocking up on Home Depot cards since I’m there every weekend anyway….looks like this is free money!

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avatar 2 TakeitEZ

This is awesome! Great find Flexo! I already checked out the site and was pleased to see Barnes and Nobles available. Have a great new year!

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Unfortunately, I did not receive any gift cards, but I am not complaining. I will take note of the site to take advantage of purchasing cards at discount. Thanks for the information.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

I like the concept of this, but more often than not, I just trade friends gift cards — cuts out the middle man!

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Sellers beware – you may just kiss your gift cards goodbye like I have. I followed all the directions and sent my Kmart card to them with their own shipping label. I opted to trade for Amazon gift certifcate as it pays higher and supposedly they will e-mail you the code with 24 hrs of receipt. Its been a week and I haven’t gotten a word. I still have $500 worth of unwanted gift certificates but won’t be using these card exchanges ever again. They will go to local charities directly. Sellers beware.

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avatar 6 rewards
avatar 7 Cheryl

This is a good service, I have also had good results selling unwanted GC’s on eBay and getting a good price for them…..just another option!

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avatar 8 eric

I’ve heard of them for awhile… is a pretty good alternative. I usually check various sites to see who has the better exchange rates.

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avatar 9 rewards

I found this clause at implying that they do not pay for shipping:

“We recommend mailing your gift cards First Class Insured or with tracking. We are not responsible for gift cards lost in the mail. We’ll verify the balance on the gift card, and send you a check for the appropriate amount within 48 hours. How’s that for simple?”

In contrast, I just started my first sale on Plastic Jungle and they provided free USPS shipping (don’t know if it’s insured though).

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avatar 10 Msjbelle

Cool, I am going to check this site out. I love free money:) Has anyone else tryed cardwoo? I have been hearing a lot about that new site lately as well.

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avatar 11 Cruxman

I love this site! There are others out there as well and they do a good job at getting you your moneys worth out of you unwanted gift cards.

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avatar 12 Laure

I checked this website out and was surprised that people are buying them. The discount even for non-big box stores was minimal. I could get the same discount by purchasing through a credit card rebate program, etc. Still, I guess that’s great news if you have gift cards you want to sell!

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avatar 13 4hendricks

I had never heard of this site, however I did notice a pawn shop in our area buying gift cards for cash. I just hope people in my area aren’t using the dollars rec’d to fund bad habits, but are using the funds for stuff they need.

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avatar 14 shellye

I recently sold a GC for the first time at I received about 75% of the value of the card, and got my check within 2 weeks. They have a tracking system in place so you can keep up with your sale. This particular GC was from a store that I’d never shop in, and so I was still happy with the 75% redemption value, but I like the comment from the reader above who said to swap or trade with a friend to cut out the middle man. I’ll remember that one next time. :-)

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avatar 15 akeasley

I’ve never gotten an gift card to a store where I couldn’t find something to buy. I just consider it free money and that’s never a bad thing!

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avatar 16 rewards

You wouldn’t prefer outright cash?

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avatar 17 Ceecee

This is great to know. They also sell on ebay, but you have to have a perfect seller rating or people won’t take a chance.

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avatar 18 dawgette

I had not heard about this website before. Good information to have to stretch the dollar. Thanks.

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avatar 19 lynn

My question would be how do they buy them at a higher value than they sell them? Am I wrong in reading this into the article?

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avatar 20 rewards

They buy cards at a lower value than they sell cards. For instance, with a $100 Target gift card, they will pay you $90 in cash (or a $94.50 amazon card), while you will pay them $97 for the same card. In this instance, there is a 7% spread.

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avatar 21 Luke Landes

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