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Something You Never Want to See in Quicken

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I opened Quicken this evening to update a few financial items and I was distraught by what the software was trying to tell me. This is something you never want to see in a piece of financial software that analyzes your spending and offers hints for managing your money.

Dunkin Donuts?

I’m actually a little insulted. It’s very rare that I eat at Dunkin’ Donuts. In fact, a quick search in Quicken tells me that I’ve eaten there four times in the past four years. It must be time for my yearly doughnut.

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avatar CJ

That’s actually kind of funny. I’ve noticed a few weird things in various financial software packages. They often mess up when they try to automatically categorize an expense.

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avatar BMC

Actually that wouldn’t be a wakeup call if you were purchasing, say, coffee beans or grounds there on a regular basis.

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avatar Ramit Sethi

I love this post.

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avatar Kevin

That’s absolutely hilarious. Quicken always did weird stuff for me so I dropped it and went to an Excel budget.

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avatar jim

That’s a really expensive donut.

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avatar kurt

Jim, it’s not the cost of the donut, that’s only .50, it’s the interest over 4 years that adds up.. :)

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avatar Brainy Smurf

Hey, at least this means you’re coming in under budget, right?

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avatar Undercover

Quicken has done the same thing to me with our local Chinese restaurant.

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avatar Kyle

Now I’m not trying to start a fight here, but Krispy Kreme is clearly superior to Dunkin Donuts. DD must have paid off Intuit.

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avatar Evan

ING was an insurance payment for me! I hate financial software, but like clockwork every 6 months or so, I get convinced that I NEED to be on quicken lol. Its a vicious cycle.

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avatar Mrs. Micah

I LOVE IT! I’ll have to check my Quicken and see if there’s anything coming up for me. :P

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