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Speaking of Fees

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Is your financial manager worth it? Walter Updegrave from CNN/Money answers a writer’s question. The writer has had a financial manager in charge of $400,000 in mutual funds and stocks since 2001, to whom the writer has paid 1% per year, or $16,000 total, in fees. The assets have increased 1% over the past 4 years.

Updegrave tells the reader how to go about determining whether the $16,000 in fees was worth the 1% increase in assets. Some calculations are involved in order to create an appropriate benchmark, and Updegrave points the reader to the Instant X-Ray Calculator in which you may enter your mutual fund holdings to determine your total composition in stocks, bonds and cash.

If you’re paying a crazy fee, your financial manager damn well better be blowing past the market averages. As we all know, the likelihood of leaving the benchmark in the dust is very low.

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