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The surgery earlier this weekend seems to have been successful, and I haven’t run into any painful problems yet. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories and tips; it helped a great deal.

As a nice beginning to the week, I noticed that my favorite gas station was offering regular unleaded at a “low” $2.219 this morning. I’m looking forward to the day a gallon will be below $2.00 again.

My weekend was mostly spent between Washington, D.C, and Baltimore to visit some friends and see a concert: Ben Folds with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. If there’s one thing I believe is always a worthwhile expense, it’s live music performed by the best musicians.

Now that I’ve shared the good news to start the week, here is the bad news. 60 percent of companies will not be giving out holiday bonuses. In my department we usually get a gift from our boss. Last year, I received a nice blue sweater and a gift certificate. I have no expectations for this year.

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avatar mmb

Ooh! You got to see Ben Folds live. I have loved his playing since his Ben Folds Five days but never caught a live concert yet. The 3 Bens even had a concert in Seattle but I missed it.

On a separate note, gas prices are dropping here too. I just filled up this morning for 2.399. But one thing I noticed mainly from your posts and that of other NY/NJers is that gas prices seem to be consistently cheaper in NY/NJ than in Seattle. What’s up with that?! I am beginning to think I could save more if I move to the big apple.