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Started Saving $70/mo Today

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With my latest cable bill, the last promotion I had (Digital Silver Plus with Comcast ended, and the price for the service would be going up to $85 per month. I don’t wantch too much television anyway, so I decided it was time to break away from the service. I brought my digital box into the station in order for the company to switch me to the $15 per month basic service.

I did, however, replace cable with Netflix, which will cost $15 per month. So the net savings is only $55 per month, but that will save me some money in the long run. NetFlix is a much better deal. The savings should help me pay for the increased heating costs this winter.

In January, there will supposedly be a new promotion for cable internet service, so perhaps I’ll be saving another $10 to $20 a month at that point.

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avatar Mike

I went through this same dilemma a few months back. My cable special ran out but I bit the bullet and canceled my cable service. I now receive about 6 channels. It feels good to save the money but now I spend more time on the computer.

Great idea about substituting Netflix for cable.

avatar savvysaver

We have DirectTV for $32/month, and it includes hundreds of channels, but it is only for one room. I’m would like to add two more rooms (especially when my brother moves in with us in January), and also DVR, but that would almost double our monthly bill because we would lose out on the bare-bones package we have (they don’t offer it anymore, we are grandfathered in). I’m torn between canceling it completely, and going all out.

Netflix is nice, especially in the winter.

avatar Kira

I substituted Netflix for Cable too…. and I actually really like it. We just had the basic Cox Cable plan…. but after taxes and fees it still cost us $27/month. Now…. I buy the Netflix $19 plan. I switched my internet to Cable too (they didn’t jack up the price because I wasn’t a TV cable subscriber anymore)… which after taxes comes to $26/month. I count both of those as our entertainment budget… which totals $45/month. Darn great savings if you ask me!

avatar Luke Landes

Great savings! I’m keeping the $16 basic cable plan because my cable internet cost will be higher if I drop cable television completely. I have the $15 Netflix plan. Hopefully after the new year, I’ll get a deal on the cable internet which will save me another $25 or so.