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Stay-At-Home Husband

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When parents decide to have children, one of the issues they must consider is the option of one parent staying home to watch the kids until they are school age or continuing to work and pay for day care. Sometimes the cost of day care can be more than what the second salary brings in. In such cases, the kids will benefit by having a parent home; they will have more personal attention from one of their parents instead of strangers, and depending on the cost of the alternative, money could be saved.

More and more, men are the ones staying at home with the children. Women are catching up to men in terms of pay for similar jobs, and in many cases, women are earning more than their husbands.

Here are some more articles that touch the topic of the worthiness of dual incomes.

Article 2: If you have children and a well-paid spouse, consider the costs of any job before you take one. This is not to say you shouldn’t work. But why take a job unless you know what it really pays? When you discover that it pays nothing, you might decide to take a different one that is more fun or rewarding. Or you might decide not to take one at all.

Article 3: Can you scrimp and save enough to cover that cost? It won’t be easy, but there’s a lot of help available for those who try. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

This hasn’t been an issue I’ve had to tackle recently, but more and more of my friends and friends’ friends seem to be in the marriage-beginningcareer-children stage. I’m trying to decide if I can afford to take care of kittens on my own.

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