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Super Bowl Commercials

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Spike already posted on his blog some thoughts about the commercials during the Super Bowl, focusing on the draw of monkeys. I’ll add to that a little bit about an ad he didn’t mention.

In the first quarter, Fox aired an advertisement for GoDaddy.com. The spot was about some kind of committee hearing on censorship in the wake of last year’s Super Bowl halftime fiasco. I don’t remember the thrust of the ad’s message, but the spokeswomen for GoDaddy did have very large breasts.

The ad was also scheduled to be aired at the two minute warning in the final quarter, but Fox decided at the last minute to pull the ad, despite it having been approved by Fox and aired earlier.

GoDaddy’s CEO discusses the censorship of the company’s ad on his weblog. Imagine that — an ad about censorship being censored.

Also on the topic of advertisements, according to this article, moviegoers could be seeing even more advertisements in the theaters despite a movement to require theater operators to indicate the start time of the actual movie rather than the ads.

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