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This is what I should be thinking about for 2005. The article paints a picture of Rick Kuhlman who has found some ways to save that I think could apply to me.

He replaced all the lightbulbs in his house with energy-efficient ones. At first I thought that it would be better to wait for the current bulbs to die, but saving $20 a month in electricity definitely outweighs just waiting for the old, non-efficient bulbs to die.

Rick switched from cable to satellite. For cable television, I pay about $80 a month, or $960 a year. That’s with a special promotion. I should really re-evaluate my needs. Yes, I like having HBO On Demand so I can watch certain programs with guests. I like having Bravo as I enjoy Celebrity Poker Showdown and The West Wing.

Thinking about it, it would actually be cheaper to buy those shows on DVD when they come out rather than having cable. Perhaps I can just visit a friend who would tape them on TiVo.

My desktop computer has TiVo functionality, so even with basic cable I could still view and record the new episodes of The West Wing.

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