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Super Unleaded for the Price of Regular

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I stopped at my favorite cheap gas station on the way home from work today. I wanted to fill my tank in case the prices go up overnight due to Rita. Apparently the station that was out of gas earlier was out of regular unleaded today. They were giving away super unleaded at regular prices. (I hope no one opted for “plus” — the mid-grade variety.) I believe I paid $2.879 a gallon.

Now I’m driving around with half a tank of regular and half a tank of super. I haven’t noticed a difference.

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avatar ncnblog

Lots of gas stations that sell 3 types of gas, regular, premium, and super, really only have 2 kinds of gas in their tanks. If you buy the premium grade, they just mix the regular and the super at the pump. So, that’s basically what you have done.

avatar fivecentnickel.com

Do you mean $2.879/gallon? We haven’t seen $1.879/gallon in a long, long time around here.

avatar Luke Landes

Yes, of course. Some wishful thinking on my part, I suppose. I’ve fixed the post.

avatar matt

Most gas stations have two tanks of gas under the ground, one premium and one regular. The mid-grade is created at the pump by mixing the other two grades (so if one grade is out, there is no mid grade). Also, because you had a half tank of regular, you were essentially burning a mid grade gas…