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Survey Results: Who You May Be

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A few weeks ago, I asked Consumerism Commentary readers to complete a short survey so I could learn a little bit more about who is reading this blog. It was completely voluntary, and I’m happy with the level of response. Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey!

I promised I would share the results with everyone, so I’ll start to do so over the next few days. Here’s a little bit about who you may be.

* 74.5% of Consumerism Commentary readers are 27 years old or older; 94.6% of you are 23 or older.
* Almost two thirds of you (63.9%) are male. 2 of you are undecided (or skipped this question for other reasons).
* A little more than one third of Consumerism Commentary readers are bloggers (34.5%).
* 86% of survey respondents have a Bachelor’s Degree or more education. (One reader pointed out I left Associate’s Degree out of the survey.)
* 24.6% of this blog’s readers earn an annual active income of between $46,001 and $64,000, 19% earn between $64,001 and $88,000, 22.4% earn between $88,001 and $125,000, 5.6% earn between $125,000 and $250,000, and 0.8% earn above $250,001. 11 people skipped this question.

So there you have it. With the figures above, you can tell whether you fit in with other Consumerism Commentary readers. Soon, I’ll post some of the results pertaining to reading habits, such as how often you visit, how long you’ve been a reader, whether you use the RSS feed, and how many other blogs you read. After that, I’ll share the results about the types of posts you like to read, and how that will likely shape a little bit of what goes on here.

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avatar Petra

Hey Flexo,

Just curious – How many people completed the survey?

Thanks much,

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avatar Bob

Flexo, just curious #2 … is/are there specific reason(s) as why you divide the salary in the survey into these bands?

$46,001 and $64,000
$64,001 and $88,000
$88,001 and $125,000
$125,000 and $250,000
> $250,001

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avatar Luke Landes

Bob: They seem random, but they roughly fall into broad ranges of salary levels at my day job.

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