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Survey Says: More Money Leads to Better Sex

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If this doesn’t motivate you to raise your net worth, I couldn’t tell you what does. According to this research, having more money means you’re having more adventurous and exotic sex. The numbers look even better for women.

In the survey, three-quarters of men cited more frequent sex and a greater variety of partners as the primary benefits of having wealth, revealing a fascination with quantity. “In short, men equate more with better,” Grove and Prince write.

By contrast, women placed significantly less value on the volume of sexual interactions and partners they had than the overall excellence of the experience: Nearly 93% of women cited higher-quality sex as the greatest sexual benefit of personal wealth — and the biggest benefit overall to being rich.

“And while having sex with multiple partners simultaneously was less important to both genders, more than three times as many men cited it as a benefit than women did,” Grove and Prince said.

Here are some interesting numbers resulting from the survey of high-net worth individuals.

* 72% of wealthy women are members of the “mile high club” while only 33% of welathy men are members. Every member owns or partially owns private jets. I would assume it’s easier to join when you’re not bothered by other passengers or trying to fit two people in those tiny bathrooms, unless you’re Ralph Fiennes.

* 73% of women and 53% of men have had extramarital affairs.

Regardless of views on what’s appropriate or moral, the wealthy have more interesting sex lives according to this study. In this case the “wealthy” as surveyed have an average net worth of $89 million and an annual income of $9 million.

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avatar D

For great sex, I must be a millionaire.

For the multiple partners, I must be a gal under a bridge. Does money change your morals? I don’t think “I” could ever do the extramarital thing.

Thanks for the stats though.

Mental note – always tell hubby we are broke! LOL.

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avatar Quang

Interesting… I thought most marriages like (80% or something), at least one partner has an affair?

Also 72% of ladies and 33% men are in the mile high club eh? Does that mean the ladies wasn’t having sex with there hubbies on the plane? Must be some attractive ladies.

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avatar YeOleImposter @ DogberryPatch

Money is said to be an aphrodisiac.

If Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are any indication of of the great sex-life one can have with money….

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avatar Ryan S

I laughed at D’s mental note.

I happen to disagree with the research. What does “better sex” mean? Better singular encounters? More quantity of partners?

If you were to define “better sex” as the constant of a loving relationship in which children can be raised, than most of these conclusions are ridiculous.

Then again, I don’t want to be an aging millionaire with several ex wives and a few estranged kids that only pretend to like me because of my wealth.

Most of the time the “good” things are good because they make you happier in the long run. Isn’t “the long run” what personal finance is all about?


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avatar Luke Landes

Ryan S: You disagree with the research because you believe the study to be inaccurate, or you just don’t agree with the majority of respondents (the 75% of the males surveyed)? I don’t understand why the survey is a “lie;” it seems you just disagree with most of the people surveyed (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

I think “better sex” is definied as something more physical for most people… it sounds like you’re talking about “better relationship” … sometimes linked, but most people (as this survey seems to show) separate the two. But “better sex” in the survey is open to interpretation so whoever responds would have had their own opinions about what it means.

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avatar Merlotbuzz

“73% of women and 53% of men have had extramarital affairs.”

Wow. I guess I need to make sure I don’t become rich while married, or the odds of my wife staying faithful would be just a little over 1/4.

Quang, women do not necessarily have to be attractive to have sex when they feel like it. It’s just that 99% of men don’t have the capacity to say no when an opportunity falls on their lap.

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avatar Amanda

Never thought I’d say this but I must be a typical woman — I just don’t think more partners means better sex. In my opinion intimacy makes for great sex and you can’t buy that. I’m right there along with the 93% of women that prefer quality over quantity with one exception – I’m not rich. I’ve got an incredible sex life and a double digit net debt. Call me crazy, but I like the fact that he’s into it for me – not my money.

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